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  1. Default Road trip to Vegas..

    I am keen to go for Las Vegas to have fun and enjoy a road trip to there with my younger brother. Here I am looking for suggestions about the routes of this city and adventure activities to do there? I hope there will be cool replies to help me in planning my Road Trip in forthcoming days.

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    Default More information please.

    H julana, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    It is impossible for any of the members to offer any advice or routes, with the little information you have given us.

    Road trip to Vegas..... from where?? How long do you have for the trip? And when it comes to fun things to do in Vegas, the first question is, is your younger brother over 21? What do you regard as fun things? and what are the specific interests of both of you.

    You see, each roadtrip is an individual thing, and what I or other members may regard as fun, may not be your idea of fun. Neither can we suggest anything about routes, unless we know whence you start, and how long you have for the trip.

    Over to you.


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    As Lifey noted, without some details of what you are thinking, it's not really possible for others to give you much in the way of specific suggestions.

    However, for your time in Vegas, if you want some ideas beyond the typical tourist stops, you may enjoy reading RTA's sister website, Living Las Vegas.

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    Guys, Let me know what can I expect when diving with Sharks at the Shark Reef Aquarium? and its nearest road track where I can enjoy the long drive with my partner? I hope now you can help me to plan my tour because it is not planed yet what to do and where to go?

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    Default Another try.

    Still a bit difficult. We do not know where you are starting, how many miles you will be travelling or how long you have for the trip. Without that, commenting on diving with sharks is irrelevant, since we cannot even help you get there.


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