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  1. Default crashing in the village

    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Michael View Post
    Your new plan is much, much better.

    Although, like Donna, I'm also curious about your "crashing" plans at Grand Canyon Village. I'm not a couchsurfer myself, but considering that almost no one actually lives in the village, and only about 500 people live just outside the National Park in Tusayan, I wouldn't think you'd have many options.
    According to Wikipedia, there were 1460 people as of 2000 living in the Grand Canyon Village. There are also several couchsurfers listed.

    I found a reputable place to stay that had several references. The man doesn't work for the parks, and it is his second home. There is a school, a post office, a bank, several small stores there also. There is also a native tribe that lives deep in the Canyon still.

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    Default Dubios authority.

    Quote Originally Posted by kashidragon View Post
    According to Wikipedia, ...
    Of course, you belief everything you read on Wikipedia. What authority is quoted, and have you checked with that authority, not withstanding your contact with your couchsurfer.


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    Interesting, like Donna, I didn't think the NPS allowed people to actually live within the National Park - other than the apartments for park employees, and I didn't think the number of year round residents was anywhere close to that high. I guess I'm not surprised that if you can live there, you'd find couchsurfers there!
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