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    Hi, I'm planning a trip from New Orleans to Grand Canyon, but i'm a bit lost. i'd like to take my time, to enjoy the road and the attractions that will come by. How many days should i take for this route? My first thought was tavelling around 250 miles per day and just go further if we don't have any good options to stay on the route. Could advise me wich are the best cities to stop in in order to enjoy the most what we have to see oon this route? Thanks

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    By the most direct route and driving around 550 miles per day (the most that can be done enjoyably with some time for short but necessary stops), you could make the drive from New Orleans to the Grand Canyon in three days. Driving only 250 miles per day, you'd have a lot more time to explore places along the way, but it would take considerably longer, around a full week.

    But as for which cities to stop in, what to see in each of them (or in between them), which route to take, etc. etc. - That's up to you. We can help of course, that's why we're here, but you'd have to give us a fair bit more to go on than starting and end points and the amount of time you have for a one-way transit. What are you're interests? Why only 250 miles per day? Are you willing to drive a bit more so as to wander off the most direct route to experience something of interest? Are you traveling alone or with others and if with others, what are their interests. Do you plan to make a return drive to New Orleans? If so, how long would you have for that drive?

    The beauty of RoadTripping is that you get to customize each trip to your own wishes and constraints - not ours or anyone else's. So without knowing what those wishes and constraints are, we'd be telling you what we would do, and that's not really what you would want.


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