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    Summer is fast approaching and road trip is our goal for this year. We are from Dallas (family of 4;2adults 2 kids using our SUV) and planning to go back after 15 years to Seattle for summer vacation . We have 3 weeks and we are going to stay in Seattle for a week . Our )first week going to Seattle , we want to see Mt.Rushmore and Yellowstone (how many hours are we going o spend there?) . What else can we see along the way? (attraction, scenic view,)Where can we sleep overnight for rest ( city)? Going back to Dallas , is there any other route that we can use ? We've seen Grand Canyon so that's out of our itinerary.

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    Default Yellowstone requires 'days' not hours.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    Mt.Rushmore and Yellowstone (how many hours are we going o spend there?)
    There is no 'hard and fast' rule as to how long you visit a place for and although you could see Mt Rushmore quickly, Yellowstone is a place that should be measured in days not hours. It would take several hours to drive through with the speed limits and constant 'animal jams' where a Bison might block the road or other visitors will trying to photograph them and others. You really need 2 to 3 days to enjoy the highlights of the park, so you will need at least a week getting there.

    Where can we sleep overnight for rest ( city)? ]
    That will depend on what other attractions you decide to see along the way and how many miles a day you are comfortable travelling. 500 miles should be around your upper limit with Kids in the car with a maximum 600 if they are good travellers. You don't say how old they area, but if they are of an age to have some input then get them looking at maps and researching. If they have a vested interest in the journey they will enjoy it much more, which in turn means you will have more fun to.

    Going back to Dallas , is there any other route that we can use ?
    There are lots of route options and that's where paper maps come in handy. You can combine many highways to go to places that interest you. There is lots on offer between Seattle and Dallas so you would at least have to get a couple of dots on the map for us to give meaningful help. You could spend a little time exploring parts of Oregon and California or some of the great National parks in Southern Utah and Colorado for example, but with only a week to get home and 4 days of them driving you will have to pick and choose.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Default Don't rush through Yellowstone.

    Unless you plan to go there more often, it really is essential to measure a visit to Yellowstone NP in days, not hours. It can take a day to just drive from the north end to the south end, stopping at the various board walks and other attractions. Of course everything stops - and holds up the rest - when per chance someone sees an animal attack another. It can be an hour or more then, before you could move again, but you might even want to stay and observe this site of a lifetime for longer. It is all so unpredictable.

    Dave states that it is handy to have paper maps. I would go so far as to say it is absolutely essential to plan this trip with paper maps. You are going to need them on the road, so may as well have them for the planning. Maps will show you all the routes and roads and their importance, as in interstates, US highways and back roads. They also highlight scenic routes. Don't be tempted to rely on your electronics. Many have done so at their peril - some have lost their lives doing so.

    If you are heading from Mt Rushmore to Yellowstone, you will have some fantastic attractions and country along the way, if you stay off the interstates. Check out your maps, and see US14 and alt 14 over the Big Horn mountains and through the Big Horn forest. Head up to Red Lodge, via Lovell, and consider driving the Beartooth Highway over Beartooth Pass at almost 11000'. It is a spectacular drive, and you will want to stop frequently to take in the view. At the top of the Pass is the Top of The World Store. Depending on their ages, the children may enjoy that. This road will take you to the north east entry to Yellowstone and the beautiful valley of the north east. Count on it taking most of your day from Red Lodge to your destination for the night, whether that be within Yellowstone, or outside the park.

    On the way back consider many of the spectacular places in Idaho, Nevada, Utah and/or Colorado. There are so many scenic routes to consider for a wonderful week on the road


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    thanks a lot for for all the inputs , I'm so excited to start planning . My daughters (13,15 yr.old) in on board just this morning before heading to school about the routes from Dallas to Mt Rushmore. 3 years ago we did East Coast with my sister and her family , they did the planning and all. But this time it's just my fambam so hopefully we will make these an unforgettable one

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