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    Default Mansfield OH to Nashville TN - Looking for a Scenic Route


    My wife and I are on route to the southern US to escape the snow (and we've just managed to avoid driving straight into winter storm Jonas by heading out little further west than we had intended; at least we had the luxury to drive away from it).

    I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations of a scenic route from mid-Ohio to Nashville TN. We can spare a couple of days to take in the less travelled byways of southern Ohio and Kentucky. After being on interstates for the past few days we're keen to take to lesser US highways and state routes. Nice looking countryside, small old towns, original diners, the occasional historical building, etc., are our kind of thing.

    A huge thanks in advance,


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    Default A Few

    This is just one of the many reasons that we have for recommending paper maps over software when planning RoadTrips. Good paper maps will mark scenic roads, typically with a green dotted or dashed line running parallel to them, making it easy to see where those roads are and where they go. Software will usually just take you from Point A to Point B by the most 'efficient' route possible whether that route is scenic or not, has tolls or not, goes through major traffic congestion or not, etc. So get a good set of maps that includes at least Ohio and Kentucky and look at using the following:

    OH-13/OH-661/OH-37/OH-159/US-50/OH-41 through Newark, Lancaster, and Chillicothe to cross the Ohio River into Maysville KY; and US-68 through Kentucky down to the Mammoth Cave area. Then it's just a short final hop down to Nashville on I-65.

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    Default Scenic routes? Maps is where you'll find them.

    That's right! you will see so much more on a paper map, than you will ever see within the confines of a little screen.

    Among the best maps you can get are those published by AAA - free if you are a member. You might prefer a road atlas, such as published by Rand McNally, widely available at fuel outlets. You can also pick up free State published maps at Welcome Centres and Visitor centres.

    Many of us travel with multiple maps, as well as our gps. Now and then you will find something on one map which is not on the others. One of the greatest scenic routes I have driven was in CO, north of I-70. It was marked as scenic on the CO State map, but not on the AAA or the Rand McNally. This will happen when a route is a designated county or State scenic route, but not a federal scenic route.


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    Thanks AZBuck for your quick response. Your suggested route will certainly allow us to enjoy a cross-country drive while avoiding some busy interstate driving.

    In addition to our TomTom unit we have a trusty road atlas for looking ahead on the route. It shows a fair amount of detail but sadly it doesn't give us any idea of what would be a scenic route or not. Whenever we get a chance we stop at travel plazas to ask questions and get a decent state road map, but with trying to get out of the way of Jonas there wasn't much opportunity, plus few of these facilities in western PA/northern OH - well as far as we could see.

    Thanks again for the route info. We'll certainly post anything that may be of use after we've made it to Nashville TN.

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