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    Hi I'm will be travel from mobile al to long Beach Cali on 7/5 to 7/12 this year with family Spouse an I five kids includes 4 teenagers . Will be renting suv or van . Not to mention this will be our first road trip need info .. On hotel travel route etc ... I'm so lost right now !! Please help

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    Default Six Resources You Should Be Using

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It's easy to get overwhelmed when contemplating any big undertaking, especially for the first time. But you've got several resources that you should start utilizing immediately. Those are your spouse and the five 'kids'. Every one of them has ideas about what this trip should be and trying to guess what those are is useless. So, the first thing I'd do if I were you is to get a good-sized map of the US and mark out on it your basic route (more below) and then have all of them start making suggestions for places they'd like to stop and explore on the way. Not only will that take much of the burden off you, but it will guarantee that at least no one was ignored or forgotten.

    As an initial basic route, just mark out I-10 which will take you all the way from Mobile to Los Angeles. If you have seven days for the one-way drive, then you really are not in any great hurry and can take you time not only at sites along I-10 but a fair bit afield as well. So, to start you off, here are just a few of the scenic/historic/interesting places along I-10 for your group to consider: the Alamo and other missions in San Antonio, LBJ's ranch and boyhood home, Guadeloupe Mountains National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, White Sands National Monument, Fort Bowie Historic Site, Tombstone, Saguaro National Park, Pima Air and Space Museum, the Arizona-Sonora Museum, Joshua Tree National Park, and the Salton Sea. There are, of course, more and as noted you could even roam quite a bit farther from I-10 if there's something that really grabs your crew such as the Grand Canyon.

    Assuming a more or less direct route on I-10, spread evenly over seven days, your overnight stops would be roughly Lafayette LA, Columbus TX, Sonora TX, Van Horn TX, Lordsburg NM, and Gila Bend AZ. Those aren't meant as suggestions for where you should stay, just as places to mark on the map as an indication of how far you have to get each day in order not to have to rush at the end. You won't know where you'll want to stop each night until you first figure out your actual route and sites where you'll be spending more (or less) time. The good thing about motel reservations is that they are usually cancelable with no penalty as long as you cancel at least 24 hours in advance. So as your plans start to firm up you can make reservations knowing that you can cancel them later if your plans change. I would make reservations for a trip with this many people so that's one less thing you have to worry about on the road.

    OK - now put your team to work!


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    Great I feel better already thanks so much

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    Default Another one.

    As well as Buck's list, here is another for your team to research - Chiricahua NP and the Wonderland of Rocks, just south of I-10 in south west AZ. A great place to go for a walk and burn off pent up energy.


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    Just bear in mind, though, that Southern Arizona can get very hot in early July. VERY hot - over 100.


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    Default Sometimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaR57 View Post
    Just bear in mind, though, that Southern Arizona can get very hot in early July. VERY hot - over 100.

    Like all weather it varies greatly. In 2014 I was at the Wonderland of Rocks at the end of July, and it was beautiful and comfortable. A week later in Tucson it was hot, but not in the mountain campgrounds nearby. There are quite a lot of under utilised public land campgrounds in that area. Even at the height of the tourist season it was not unusual for me to be alone in them.


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