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  1. Default 3 Week RV Road Trip Houston-CA-West Coast-Montana-Back Home??

    Planning a 3 week road trip in an RV with 4 teens this June. Places we MUST hit: Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, LA, San Fran. Trying to figure out how far up the West coast we should go. Oregon?? Or whether we shoot over from San Fran into Colorado/Montana and then back down home to Houston. Need suggestions on places to see and RV stay. THANK YOU!!!!

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    While 3 weeks is a very nice time for a roadtrip, when you factor in travel in an RV, along with traveling with 4 teens, that time is going to fly by. Keep in mind, just driving directly from Houston to San Francisco would require 4 days on the road.

    So having said that, I would immediately rule out a detour as far away as Montana. It's possible you could work parts of Colorado into your route, especially southern Colorado. However, I think I would really put the bulk of your planning efforts into the areas you've already listed. Just doing the Grand Canyon, perhaps some of the other National Parks in Southern Utah, Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite, SF, down the coast to LA, and directly back to Houston could easily fill up far more than 3 weeks.

    Of course, I should warn, traveling in an RV in major cities can be quite difficult. It's something worth noting when 3 out of the 4 things you said you want to do are visit cities.

    I think the next step in your planning really should be sitting down with your teens and focus on what other places are most interesting to you, then mock up a rough itinerary, which will give you a better idea of just how much time you really do have to work with.

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    Need suggestions on places to see and RV stay.
    Michael made an excellent comment when he said that traveling in an RV in major cities can be quite difficult. Cities were not made for the length or width, especially if you need to park someplace! That's why many folks tow a small car behind their RV. They leave the motorhome in the RV park and get around in their car.

    If you don't already have them, after your plans are more finalized, go get the Good Sam/Woodall's RV and Campground Directories at your local Camping World, Bookstore, or an online retailer (such as Amazon). These will help you find places to stay. You don't have to be a member of Good Sam to use the directory or stay at the RV parks. Sometimes they will offer a discount, sometimes they will not.

    I will also second Michael's suggestion of getting the teens involved in the planning. They will be far more vested in the trip if they can choose some of the places to stop, plan some of the visits, and help gather materials (on the Internet, for instance).

    If this is your RV, consider an Emergency Road Service plan if your RV or insurance does not already have one. Good Sam has a decent RV ERS plan -- we were members of that until we sold our RV a few years ago.


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    Default National park camping.

    You can't beat staying in the National park campground when possible but you would need to try and get those campgrounds booked up asap as they are popular and book out. I also agree with Michael that you really shouldn't focus on going further north, Colorado, Utah, California and Arizona will have more than enough to keep you amused. Heading south from SF to LA has the benefit of putting the ocean on your side of the road heading south, so I would look at heading into Colorado and Utah and through Yosemite towards the coast and visit the Grand canyon south rim on the way back from LA. A trip from Houston into Colorado and Mesa Verde NP, into Southern Utah for Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce canyon and Zion NP and then Vegas to Yosemite and SF before heading down the coast and back via GC is going to amount to 4500 plus miles, or the same as 10 to 11 full days on the road. By the time you add a day or two here and there your time will soon disappear, but you could make a fun family road trip with 3 weeks.

    Once you have sat down with the family and decided where you want to visit we can then offer some suggestions on how to get the best out of your trip.

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