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    Help! We will be traveling from southern Oregon to Desert Hot Springs the end of this month. We are not "big city drivers" and are looking for the best route to take. Just driving our car this year but will be towing a 35' fifth wheel next year so need a RV safe route to check out.

    We had been looking at taking I-5 to Bakersfield then CA-58 to I-15 / I-215 to I-10. Was just reading an RV site forum where posters were saying to NOT take 58, etc. that the traffic was terrible. Also, we are not at all familiar with this area re: mountain passes, snow zones etc. Anyone have some words of wisdom?

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    I've got to say, I'm very puzzled about any comments about traffic on CA-58. The only place I could think they might be talking about is the section of CA-58 that goes between I-5 and CA-99 in the city of Bakersfield. That's easily avoided - just get on CA-99 near Sacramento, it's still freeway quality all the way down the east side of the Central Valley. CA-58 goes over the Tehachapi Pass, east of Bakersfield, but that's a relatively low pass and snow is a very minor concern. You're certainly far less likely to see snow there than you are in Southern OR/Northern CA.

    The only other things I'd suggest on your route is rather than taking CA-58 all the way to I-15, use US-395 to save yourself about 30 miles.

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    Default More about CA-58 and points beyond

    CA-58 is in the process of being improved so there are sections that are under construction, but it is a good, safe road. And used by hundreds of RVs every month.

    Personally, I would take CA-58 all the way to I-15 because there are two small passes along US-395 and it will be a bit of climb when towing your trailer. But to put this in perspective the gain is only about 600 feet -- so really not much of an issue. The route used by CA-58 is reasonably flat.

    I think you might have seen some of the press coverage from the HIGHLY UNUSUAL flooding event that affected CA-58 a couple of months ago. That was cleared up within days of the flood.

    Desert Hot Springs is a favorite retreat of mine. I am sure you'll have a fun time.

    I do have another suggestion for your route... I-15 is the interstate route and is the most truck and RV-friendly method of reaching the valley floor from the Victorville valley. But CA-247 to CA-62 are perfectly good routes and avoid that relatively steep descent of the Cajon Pass. I've driven CA-247 through the Lucerne and Johnson valleys several times. The approach along CA-62 does drop down to Desert Hot Springs, but the roads have been updated and are fine for pulling trailers. Speed is about the same -- as you aren't supposed to travel more than 55 mph on I-15 anyway.


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    My husband says I'm a worry-wart. I say I just like to be prepared. Thanks for your input.

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    We had been looking at taking I-5 to Bakersfield then CA-58 to I-15 / I-215 to I-10. Was just reading an RV site forum where posters were saying to NOT take 58, etc. that the traffic was terrible.
    I would worry a lot more about the traffic on the 15/215/10 than on the 58!!! My husband and I decided, in summer 2014, that our new "go around the LA mess" would be to take 15/395/58 (or vice versa, depending on which way we are headed). SO much better on the 58 than going through LA. The 210 goes right through Pasadena and Santa Anita, and the backups and stop/go can be horrible! As has been pointed out, CA-58 is near-freeway-quality once you pass through Bakersfield heading towards the Pass and the town of Tehachapi. It doesn't go back to two-lane until after the town of Mojave, but even there, it's only 2-lane for short stretches. You'll pass the entrance to Edwards AFB (north gate) before you get to US-395, where you'd head south. Now that can be a little tedious, but it's only 15 or 20 miles or so and then you're on I-15.


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