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  1. Default summer road trip from yakima wa to chandler arizona

    We are planning on a road trip jun,July or Aug for 2 weeks to Arizona with one stop being chandler.
    Can you suggest anything to see along the way or about chandler or other places /towns to visit in Az?route to travel?how long driving?
    I'm going with my grown children-one may be considering moving to much for budget 2000?

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    Default On the Way

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Since it's a two and a half day drive down to Phoenix (as a southern Arizonan, I lump all 15 or so 'cities' of the metro area together as one continuous slab of concrete) you might as well plan on taking at least three full days and enjoying some of the sights along the way. I'll Assume that you're going to take the most efficient route, basically I-82/I-84 to Twin Falls ID and US-93 the rest of the way. Places I've enjoyed that would fall along that include Bruneau Sand Dunes and Bruneau Canyon near Bruneau ID, the Thousand Springs area of the Snake River, Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument in Idaho, Cathedral Gorge State Park in Nevada, Las Vegas of course, and Hoover Dam. Your interests may differ, if so let us know what you would like to see and do in general on the drive down. Phoenix has the usual big city attractions such as museums, theaters, parks, sporting events and the like. Again, without knowing your tastes recommendations are would necessarily be a bit scattershot.

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    how much for budget 2000?
    Budgeting on a trip depends on a lot of things, including your own spending habits, where you are traveling (touristy areas are more expensive), what you want to see, and how long you are going to be on the trip. Lodging can cost $45-up for a couple, eating out is usually about the same as it would cost at home, and fuel can be a variable too, especially in today's yo-yo gas prices.

    If you scroll down, you'll see a fuel cost calculator in the links below. My husband and I always estimate our regular travel mileage, then add about 20-25% for touring mileage - the miles one uses in the state and national parks for sightseeing, etc. We'll use an average gas mileage, and as for price...well, we always estimate higher than we think, to be on the safe side.

    For food, we usually estimate $120/day for two, and for lodging, about $80/day.

    BTW, prepare to be hot in Chandler in the summer months. Stay inside, run your A/C, etc.


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