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  1. Default Massachusetts to West Yellowstone in June--Advice?

    Massachusetts to Yellowstone in June--Advice?

    wondering what is best route with the least amount of traffic,easiest,etc

    i90 and i80 seem to be choices

    i90 seems to go through more cities and has tolls

    i80 seems good, but i have to somehow get up north to yellowstone


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The easiest would be to get on I-90 and essentially take it all the way to Montana. There certainly are no shortage of tolls on that route either, of course. I-80 doesn't really change that, as I-80 is joined with I-90 between Cleveland and Chicago. Once you get past Illinois, there are no tolls on either I-90 or I-80.

    You could potentially save yourself the cost of the NY Thruway by dipping down to I-80 across PA - although that could increase the amount of traffic you see, especially depending upon where in Mass you are starting from.

    There are some other combinations of routes you could consider, but they could start adding quite a few miles to your trip. How much time do you have available? Who is going on this trip? Any goals beyond just getting to Yellowstone, ASAP?

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    Default Not All That Bad a 'Detour'

    While it will add a few miles to your drive to avoid the tolls of the western half of the Mass Pike, the New York State Thruway, the western half of the Ohio Turnpike, and the Indiana State Tollway, it's only around a hundred extra miles on a trip of roughly 2500 miles or four and a half days. I'd take the 'long' way. From central Mass, take I-84 west to Scranton PA and use I-81 to drop down to I-80. In Ohio, continue straight ahead onto I-76 when I-80 exits to join the Ohio Turnpike. When you hit I-71 west of Akron, take that south to I-270 around Columbus to I-70 west. At Indianapolis, pick up I-74 west to the Quad Cities and rejoin I-80 to Rawlins WY. From there take US-287/US-26/US-191 up through Lander, Grand Teton NP and Yellowstone NP to West Yellowstone.

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    Default Avoiding tolls along I-90.

    The route described by AZBuck is the route I normally take out of Boston, to avoid the tolls. Although I take the less busy I-380 from I-84 to I-80 At I-39 I head up to I-90 through Rockford.. There is a good by pass for Indianapolis and you might like to look for the by pass around Hartford, depending on time of day and day of week you will be there. But it can be very slow and congested through Hartford.

    If you take I-90 to Yellowstone, you could enter the park via the spectacular Beartooth Highway and the north east entry. That is a scenic, though slow drive, especially if you stop to admire the view and take photos. Spend some time at the top of the pass and check out the Top of the World Store. Allow at least half a day from Red Lodge into the park.

    Head back along I-80 after visiting the Tetons.


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    At I-39 I head up to I-90 through Rockford.
    That involves a toll. Best way to I-90 from I-74 is I-80 as Buck mentioned, but then before Omaha take I-680 to I-29.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    That involves a toll. Best way to I-90 from I-74 is I-80 as Buck mentioned, but then before Omaha take I-680 to I-29.
    Yeah! you're right.

    Forgot to take into account that I am usually headed to St. Paul.


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