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    Default San Fran - Yosemite - Sequoia NP - Death valley - Joshua tree NP - Los Angeles in Jan

    Hi all,

    I just saw a post "San Fran via Yosemite and Sequoia NP and now needs your advices.

    I planned following trip. This in January 2016.

    I guess I planned too much drive time but doesn't know what I should skip:

    01/11 San Fran
    01/12 San Fran
    01/13 San Fran to Yosemite
    01/14 Yosemite
    01/15 Yosemite to Monterey
    01/16 Monterey to Pismo beach on the coast road
    01/17 Pismo to Sequoia NP
    01/18 Sequoia to Death valley
    01/19 Death valley to Joshua tree NP and stay in Palm springs
    01/20 palm springs to L.A.

    Sequoia to death valley and death valley to joshua tree is quite a long distance to drive.

    What would you skip? Yosemite, Sequoia, Death Valley or Joshua tree... knowing it is in winter.

    Maybe the best option is to skip joshua tree park and to end in Las Vegas instead of Los Angeles. Is sequoia NP worth the way in Jan ? @AZBuck: I saw your comment that there are giant sequoia in Yosemite but closed :(

    thanks in advance for your help,


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    Default Might be best to wait and see.

    Ending in Las Vegas would work well for you without Palm Springs, especially if you didn't go to LA as well. Having said that a loop trip back to SF would also work by heading down the coast and then inland and back up to Sequoia and Yosemite back to SF. Your other option [and possibly the best] would be just to 'Wing it' without booking and see what the weather brings. It's a real possibility that Yosemite and Sequoia will see ice and snow and snow chains might be required. If that was the case you could head down the coast and into the desert towards Vegas.

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