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  1. Default Coast to Coast Road trip

    My name is Hms
    I promised my wife to do coast to coast trip starting April 15,2016 as a retirement gift.
    She is a teacher and she loves nature and scenic. However, I think you hate the cold wither.

    We plan a journey from Los Angeles to Washington on rented motor home.

    Please, I need your advice and guidance or is there a tour guide may help us on the telephone

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    Default To make a start.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    How long do you have for this trip? Coast to Coast can be driven in a week, but you would not have much time to see many sights. The more time you have the more you will be able to enjoy.

    Your best bet is to start with some good maps of the United States. If these are not available locally, you can order a Rand McNally road atlas from the RTA store via the link at the bottom of this page. It will help you a lot, show you routes and also shows all the scenic routes, nationa parks and forests, state parks and forests, and other natural reserves. Historical attractions are also marked on the maps.

    You could start by figuring out what you'd like to see, and design a route to encompass it all. The members on the forum will help refine your plans, and offer further suggestions.

    Enjoy the planning.


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    thank you for your quick response.

    Can we find some one help us as a Gide through the tour

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    Default Why travel somebody else's roadtrip?

    Quote Originally Posted by alnshme View Post
    Can we find some one help us as a Gide through the tour
    I think you would need to contact a professional company for that.

    RTA focuses on helping people to design their own unique roadtrip and to plan it all themselves. We can help every step of the way with that. But it is important that we know how much time you have for the trip. It would help you a lot to get some good maps. Electronics just do not give you the detail you need to plan a trip.

    Where is it you are flying in from?


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    Thank you again

    We have plan to start our trip from April 15 till May 25. that mean about 45 day.

    What do you think that 10,000$ is enough for the trip

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    for the beginning, we like to see the following points:

    los engeles
    Sequoia National Park
    Yosemite Valley
    Lake Tahoe
    Zion National Park
    Antelope Canyon
    Bryce Canyon
    Yellowstone National Park
    Devils Tower
    Badlands National Park
    Elk Mountains
    Carlsbad Cav
    Hamilton Pool
    Horseshoe Bend
    Whitaker Point
    Niagara Falls

    what do you think

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    Lifey suggested that you get a good atlas, if you don't already have one. Take some sticky notes and flag each of the points you want to see. A route will start to form.

    45 days is a nice vacation, however, what I see in your desires is a lot of zig-zag driving. You may have to cull some of the places, and perhaps add some others. Yellowstone doesn't really get all the roads open until around the end of May, so that may be a place that you want to save for a future trip. (It's at a higher elevation.)

    We aren't really a professional tour planning place, or tour guides. However, we can help you put your own trip together. Please consider getting an atlas, either locally, or through the RTA store (link below), first.


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    Default Loop trip??

    When renting a vehicle which you will not drop back at the same place as you rent it, you will need to pay a large 'one way drop fee'. This can be hundreds of dollars, especially dropping it on the other side of the continent. To avoid this, and a return flight back to LA, you would do well to consider a loop trip. You have the time to do it, and it would save a lot of miles (and fuel).

    Do the southern attractions on your way to DC and the northern attractions on the way back to LA. From LA through the AZ and UT national parks you could head through CO to Savanah (or another of the southern cities) up to DC, then head through Niagara to Badlands and other northern attractions, ending up with Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and Sequoia on the way back to LA. [I am not familiar with Whitaker Point or Hamilton Pool.]

    As Donna said, once you have good maps, you will be able to see all this for yourself. You will see much more than on a screen, and see what other attractions are along the way.


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    sorry, I just see your post.

    we are flaying to LA or DC on april 14

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    Thank you, this is what we need.

    your point is taken

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