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    Default Birthday/Anniversary/New Years road trip

    Hello everyone!

    From December 30th to January 3rd my significant other and I want to drive somewhere from Chicago to somewhere no more than 3hrs away. He likes looking at stuff (Museum, Concert) he is 24. I like doing stuff (Snowboarding, Snowmobile, Maybe ice fishing, anything hands on) and I am 19. We're kind of over fireworks but will go assuming there's not much else to do. Any ideas or are we sol?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Default Several Options

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Looking at the 'doughnut' of area farther than three hours (your criterion) and less than seven hours (my guess at how far away you can go in four days and still have a relaxed RoadTrip that isn't all about the driving), several possible itineraries stand out.

    One would be to do a circuit of Lake Michigan. On the 'see' side of things would be the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Peshtigo Fire Museum, the Soo Locks, and Colonial Michilimackinac State Historical Park while on the 'do' side of things would be cross country skiing, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

    Another would be to head south through Illinois to central Kentucky with several Lincoln sites for intellectual refreshment and Mammoth Cave National Park and Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area for more physical pursuits. Yet a third would be to explore the Mississippi River a bit between Hannibal and Ste. Genvieve with St. Louis as an center for indoor activities and various state parks and national forests and wildlife refuges for outdoor ones.

    Those certainly aren't the only available options, but just meant to give you a few examples of how relatively easy it is to meet both your needs within your timeframe.


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    Buck, I believe I read the question as somewhere no more than 3 hours away. The only large city within 3 hours of Chicago that may have museums and concerts would be Milwaukee. About halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, there's Wilmot Mountain Ski Resort. It's just across the state line in Wisconsin about halfway between I-94 and US-12.

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    I read it the same way that GLC did -- no more than 3 hours away.

    Springfield IL comes to mind. Of course all the museums and history related to Pres. Abraham Lincoln is available, there are rivers and lakes for fishing, and there are the Mounds (Dixon Mounds) also. There's also a museum of Rt 66 memorabilia in Pontiac, IL, and the Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home in Dixon IL too.


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    Default Last minute Birthday/Anniversary/New Years mini road trip!

    Hey everyone,

    Me and my significant other are planning on taking a mini road trip to Milwaukee WI from December 30th to January 2nd. December 30th is his birthday, and January 1st is our anniversary. He enjoys looking at stuff (museums, movies) and is 24. I enjoy doing stuff (snowboarding, anything active) and am 19.

    We're sure there will be no issue finding stuff to look at, but is there anything fun to do? (Besides winter resorts that will be too packed)

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    There are no shortage of museums and similar attractions to check out in Milwaukee. There's the Art Museum on the lakefront that Buck already linked to. You've also got the Milwaukee Public Museum (with IMax Theater), the Harley Davidson Museum (or a factory tour), the Mitchell Park Domes, and the Milwaukee Zoo. Many of these places will have special events for New Years, so it's worth checking their websites out. You might also check out the Pabst Theater if you're interested in any shows/concerts - I know Jim Gaffigan always does a couple shows in Milwaukee around New Years (although they may be sold out at this point). You could also check out some of the city's many breweries, like Lakefront, Milwaukee Brewing, and Sprecher (not to mention Miller's mega-brewery), obviously you wouldn't be able to drink at 19, but you might still enjoy it, and Sprecher has some excellent craft soda you could sample.

    Outdoor activities are a little tricky this year, thanks to El Nino we're seeing a much warmer than normal December so far, with no snow in the forecast right now. Milwaukee County has one of the best park systems in the country, and could have some holiday events to check out - If memory serves, there is a Kite Festival on New Years Day along the Lakefront. Red Arrow Park in Downtown Milwaukee typically has ice skating, but it's been too warm for it to open so far. Still, there is the Pettit National Ice Center at State Fair Park that would be an option. Some of the area ski hills are still open with manmade snow - Little Switzerland, in Slinger, about 40 minutes from Milwaukee actually has both skiing and mountain biking runs open at the same time right now! You might also look into the Rock Sports complex, in the southern suburb of Franklin, which has skiing, snow tubing, biking, and baseball parks for more things you might find entertaining, depending upon what's open come the end of the month.

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