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    We have a 34 foot Airstream trailer pulled by a Silverado 2500 HD with Duramax Diesel and Allison Transmission. We plan to leave Detroit in early Dec (wish we could go in better weather however). Rather than using the interstates where one only sees different colored trees we would prefer slower routes through interesting towns and visit some roadside attractions/museums. Naturally some travel on interstates would be OK. We have 14 days for the trip. I would appreciate any recommendations on routes or things to see. Many thanks in advance. Don

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    With the combination of rig and desires that defines this RoadTrip, it's going to be hard to give you specific recommendations until you've mapped out a basic route. So let's start with some basic pointers or rules you should try to follow in mapping one out that suits you. First off you're going to want to avoid major cities and their jammed freeways where even changing lanes would be a problem for you. That means heading south initially rather than west through Chicago. Secondly, the Midwest and South have a very good, and very under-utilized, system of four-lane divided highways that allow you to travel at a slightly slower pace and often give you the option of either going through small towns or cities or around them. Get out a good set of paper maps and look at routes like US-31 and IN-37 in Indiana, IL-13 across southern Illinois, US-60 in Missouri, US-69 in Oklahoma, US-281 in Texas. I'm not saying you should use exactly those roads, but they are the kinds of roads you should be looking to build your route around.

    The thing to keep in mind, though, as you build your route is that highways are usually built to get from Point A to Point B, and those Points are usually large cities. So you have a couple of options. Use smaller two-lane highways (state or US) that swing well around the larger cities, or use Interstates/beltways/freeways through them. If you choose the former, pay attention to roads marked (on paper maps) with a dotted or dashed green line running parallel to the road. Those are the more scenic roads and you might as well use and enjoy them. If you choose the later, plan on staying in the 2nd lane from the right, not the far right lane. Usually major urban freeways have three or more lanes and you should leave the far left lane for people to get around you and the far right lane for traffic trying to get on/off the freeway. Also be aware of where your exits are and get in the proper lane at least a couple of miles ahead of time.

    Now, as I said, once you've worked out a basic route that works for you, we can help you with more pertinent details. But a useful tool, particularly in the early planning stages is the RTA Map Wizard which allows you to put in a pair of cities and then see attractions within 50 or 100 miles of the direct route between them letting you then adjust your chose route to get to those that appeal to you.


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