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    It's that time of year - when the weather in the midwest starts getting chilly, my mind starts drifing back to the summer on the road.

    This will be the 5th road trip for my sister and I. This time we're traveling from Indiana to Acadia National Park and then swooping down through Boston, Hartford, New York and Philadelphia before heading back home.

    On the drive east, we plan to drive through the finger lakes region of New York. Unfortunately, we don't have enough time to wind our way around and enjoy all that the area has to offer. We're going to have to go either across the north, across the south or possibly start on one side and cut across (maybe between Finger Lakes and Cayuga Lake).

    Any ideas on which side has the better views? We have a long drive on this day, so we're looking primarily for scenery and not necessarily interesting stops.

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    Default Long Drive on Several Days

    It's nearly a three day drive from Lafayette to Bar Harbor, but if you take the full extent of all of those days you can at least enjoy them. Given your desire to come back down the east coast as far as Philadelphia on your return, I'd suggest an eastbound route that duplicates that return as little as possible so as to maximize the number of new sights on your RoadTrip. That would basically entail first heading up to Logansport and taking US-24 from there to Fort Wayne and US-30 east from there. At Mansfield get on the Interstates, I-71/I-271/I-90 to the Buffalo area where US-20 provides a relatively relaxed and scenic but still fairly rapid route across the top of the Finger Lakes all the way to the Albany region. Cutting up through Vermont using basically I-89/US-4 to White River Junction and I-91 to St. Johnsbury would set you up to take US-2, another scenic route, to Bangor and finally US-1A down to Bar Harbor. Besides being a generally very scenic route, that would also bring you close enough to more than a few sites worth visiting. I assume you know what you want to see as you drop down the east coast and plan on just basically following I-70 home.


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    Thank you! The link to the sites worth visiting is gold!

    You're right - we're taking 3 days to get out to Bar Harbor, though I may try to get another day off to give ourselves an extra day for driving. We're planning to front-load it, driving from Indiana to New York on a Friday and taking the weekend to get to Acadia at a slightly less frenetic pace. Then we get a more relaxed week to wind our way down to Philly before chugging off back home on Saturday and Sunday.

    We were really considering taking Acadia off the trip because it adds a good 7-8 hours just of drive time, but after doing a little research, I think it's moved to the "must-see" column.

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