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    Hi there!

    New to the site. I'm trying to decide if I should make this trip. My thought is a loop starting in Spokane, WA and heading through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and then back to Spokane, WA. The trip would be December 21st - December 27th. The main routes I would take look like I90, I25, I70, I50, I84, and I82.

    I've taken this trip during the summer a few times but never during the winter. Is it even possible with winter weather conditions? And if so, what should I know before hand?

    Thank you!

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    Default The basics.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    And if so, what should I know before hand?
    A roadtrip is always worth taking, so long as you know what to expect. Leading up to your departure, be sure to start checking the forecasts for the area you plan to cover. Have some alternative routes available, should a heavy storm be heading your way. Carry good paper maps, as you won't want to have the gps to divert you onto minor roads or bush tracks.

    Be sure to have a day or two up your sleeve, in case an unexpected storm hits, so you have time to sit it out in a nice warm motel/.hotel.


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    Default Possible? Of course--it happens every day


    The Interstate highway system gets super-priority during and following major winter storms. Having had the pleasure of a number of ski season trips to CO and UT, including most of the "fun parts" of I-70 and I-80 in CO, WY, and UT, I can personally testify that the western state's snow removal operations are a sight to behold. More than once I've followed Utah DOT plows from downtown Salt Lake City up to the pass at Parley's Summit, running 5 plow trucks en echelon, clearing all 3 lanes plus the emergency lanes of I-80 from guardrail to guardrail, at 35 mph uphill and 45 mph back down the other side. As Lifey noted, you may need to have a spare day up your sleeve in order that you can be off of the road during the height of a major event, but otherwise a well maintained car with good tires and a smart driver can take your loop at most any time of year.


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