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    My girlfriend and I are driving from Massachusetts to the Bay Area in California next week. The purpose of the trip is that we're moving out there but we figured as long as we're close by we would like to visit the Grand Canyon. My current plan is to take the "middle rout" that avoids being up north and also not all the way down threw that big stretch of Texas.
    My question is what is the best way to visit the Grand Canyon? We're not looking to make a whole day of it or anything, just find a way to swing by on our way stop on the side of the road and take it all in for a bit.
    There is nothing I hate in the world as much as a tourist trap, and we're trying to keep this trip cheap.
    any recommendations on how to visit quick and easy and cheap? Keeping in mind our current rout has us going west on i40. Any advice is appreciated

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    My question is what is the best way to visit the Grand Canyon?
    I'm not really sure what kind of information you're looking for here. The best way to visit the Grand Canyon really is the one thing you've already ruled out doing: Spending a full day there. It is a huge place, with miles of viewpoints - so "take it all in" and "stop on the side of the road" are really opposites. If you want to drive into the park, pay your admission fee, look over the edge and say you've been there - that's fine, you certainly wouldn't be alone - but you can't "take it all in," unless you give it time.

    I should also note that by going all the way down to I-40, you're already adding at least 300 miles to the more direct route of I-80, so in my book, if you're going to add a half day of driving to see a place, you should spend at least a half day there to make it worthwhile.

    You're looking at 3500 miles, to go via the Grand Canyon, so even in a best case, you need to plan for 6 full days on the road. That's assuming good weather, and that's before you factor in stops at the Grand Canyon or anywhere else. Of course, this being a winter trip, it is entirely possible that you will see a storm that will force you to add an extra day to your trip (I-40 sees plenty of snow and ice in winter, but so does every other cross country route, including I-10), so keep that in mind in your planning.

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    To follow on from Michaels excellent summary if you still want to visit the Grand canyon, take US89 north from Flagstaff and enter the GC south rim through the east entry point on 64 which takes you along Desert view drive to various viewpoints following the direction of the Colorado river. It will take you to the GC village area where you can enjoy more views. You would then leave through the south kiosk to 1-40 through Tusayan towards Williams. If you had enough time there are a whole lot more view points west of the village all the way to Hermits rest.

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