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    So my husband and I have decided instead of going on a honeymoon after our reception we want to do an all 50 states road trip. We are getting stationed somewhere new next December so a month before that happens we want to set out and start the road trip. We will be leaving from Florida, and I was thinking we head towards California first and then go towards Maine hitting a place to stop in every state. We don't know if we want to bring our dog along with us or not and we have no children so that's good!

    But any suggestions on this would be great. Of course living in Florida it is not cold in November but I am sure other places will be. We have driven to New York before (14 hours) and we didn't need chains for our tires or anything. But I am extremely excited and even though we have a year before this trip I just can't help but think how amazing it would be.

    Should we get a GoPro and record the whole trip as well as take pictures??

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd say probably the biggest thing to keep in mind is that a month will fly by very quickly, and the goal of hitting 50 states really will limit your ability to do a lot of exploring beyond the highway. Just to cover all the miles, factoring the zig-zagging you need to do to get to 48 states, you need a solid 3 weeks. That doesn't include Hawaii or Alaska (will you drive or fly there?). Over a course of the month, you'll only really have time to spend more than 1 night in a small handful of places.

    There are other details you'll have to think about. If you do bring your dog, that probably means shorter days on the road, and you'll be more limited in where you can go. Most National Parks don't allow dogs onto trails, and city-focused attractions aren't real likely to be dog friendly.

    Traveling in November is also going to potentially have some issues. Chains are rarely needed on the interstates - It's almost exclusively an issue in the mountains out west and if roads are so bad that chains are needed, you're generally better off waiting until conditions improve. Certainly, it's very possible you will see weather delays - you just have to look at the storm that has hit Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska over the past week for an example. November is also the off-season, which means some prices may be lower, but there are other things that will be closed, have limited hours, or limited services. I would think about going counter clockwise, so you're hitting more northern areas first - it won't guarantee good weather, as every point of your trip could see a winter storm in November, but you would improve your odds a little bit by being farther north in the earlier in the winter season.

    With a month to be on the road, you can have a great time - no matter what time of year you are traveling. But those are just some of the things you should think about as you start to plan and decide if hitting 50 states is going to be your number 1 priority of the trip.

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    Those are good points. I don't know why I said all 50 states like we could drive to Hawaii and Alaska.

    But we were thinking to have more fun along the way and more time. To just half of it. Instead of 48 states do 24 in a month.

    And I don't want to bring the dog that is just my Husband lol

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    Half the US in a month sounds like a lot more enjoyable trip.

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    Glad you decided not to try to do all 50 states in a month. It would help to know what your interests are to help with this trip? Do you like cities or scenic wonders, both or you just want to say you have driven though a state?

    What ever route you decide to take, I'd first go as far north as you plan to go since you're doing this trip in November and then cross back though the southern states where it will be warmer and less chance of getting stuck in snow.


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    I would like to visit some National Parks. And just see some history through out the states. I wish we could go in a warmer month especially for the national parks. But that could be for the future. Maybe one day I could visit all the national parks one day.

    So now I just have to figure out what coast to go on.

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    All of the national parks -- there are 50-some, and some are located in areas where they aren't extremely accessible. There are two out in the area around Guam (nice if you get stationed there, though), there's Dry Tortugas out on the Florida Keys, then there is Isle Royale in Minnesota - accessible by tour boat.

    Have you thought about finding out where you're going to be stationed first, then plan your trip around your PCS move?


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