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  1. Default First ever road trip with family from Chicago in Dec

    Hi everyone,

    I am interested going for a road trip for at most 7 days starting late December (around Christmas time) with family (wife, 2 toddlers & my parents). We are interested in sight seeing and natural beauty and haven't been outside of greater Chicagoland. Any suggestions for a good road trip? We'd prefer some place warmer than Chicago but would bite the bullet for cold weather if it is really worth it. Thank you!

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    Not sure if you have lived there very long or not.
    My wife is from there, her parents live there.
    She will NOT consider the idea of driving to her parents for Christmas because of the regular ice storms and bad weather of that part of the country. She'll (relatively) happily go for the longer 2 day drive from Colorado to Seattle thru Montana.
    Keep a minimum of 1 extra day in your pocket for a reserve in case of weather problems.

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    Default Why Settle?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If what yo really want out of this RoadTrip is warmth, and that really seems to be the case, why would you even be willing to 'bite the bullet' to go someplace else? There is certainly no shortage of worthwhile destinations within a two day (or less) drive from Chicago that would still leave you a few days in the sunshine before having to head for home. Almost anywhere on the Georgia or Gulf coasts as far west as Galveston TX to Boston ME other than Florida south of say Gainesville is in reach. That includes a couple of national seashores, Gulf Islands and Cumberland Island, a couple of unique wetland areas, Okefenokee Swamp and the Creole Nature Trail, several Civil War sites, and plenty of other attractions depending on your tastes.


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    Chicago to Alabama Gulf Shores is two days of long driving each way... 4 days of long drives that would leave only 3 days for leisure. Of course, winter traffic could takeaway a day or two.

    In this instance, if you are seeking warm weather, I would suggest riding the train or flying. The train from Chicago to New Orleans is an overnight each way (about 19 hrs). It is kind of late for good prices but worth considering. Alabama Gulf Shores is not a long drive from New Orleans.

    Alternatively, there are competitive airfares to Orlando, FL, and you would have more time to enjoy at the beach or at other entertainment venues.

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    Thank you guys for your reply. I think the best destination for us is Orlando, FL. Airfares are turning out to be too expensive so I guess I'll have to drive down there. I am thinking of taking off early and spending the night at Atlanta and then reach Orlando the next day. My aim is to pack Disney and Universal in 4 days and then hit back. Is this manageable? Any suggestions for economical lodging? Thanks!

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    Chicago to Atlanta is definitely not safely possible in one day. To make Orlando in 2 days, first night should be in Chattanooga, and it will take you 2 FULL days.

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    Default Wishful thinking.

    Quote Originally Posted by iJazG View Post
    ... Any suggestions for economical lodging? Thanks!
    Not in FL in winter!


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    Disney *does* have "budget lodging", but it's not ever lower than $135/night. Period. If you are a member of any organization -- AAA, AARP -- or are retired military, you may be able to get something. But not necessarily economical or "budget friendly"!!


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