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  1. Default need advise to tour US !

    Guys, i need tips for watching basketball matches of upcoming series, actually am planning a trip with my friend to US, want to do some adventure sports, trekking, rafting and watching basketball matches (special in US). Suggest some best places to trek. I searched a lot on internet but not finding much on this, There are lots of sites offering packages for the same but i want to know more about weather, people, stay, culture, etc. Still looking further for a better information about the region. Regards !
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but I really have no idea what information it is that you are looking for. The US is a huge place and there are countless places to do adventure sports and watch basketball. Between the NBA and College Basketball, there are well over 100 places you could watch a game.

    Without some kind of focus or specifics about what you hope to achieve and which parts of the US you plan to explore, I'm not sure that anyone here is going to be able to provide you much in the way of help.

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    Are there any particular teams that interest you when it comes to basketball? Or are you looking to find teams that may be playing in proximity to where you are visiting? That is: does it matter whether or not you see specific teams playing? Would it have to be NBA or could it be NCAA or even something else?

    The USA is a large country with many different regions, so we can't give you much without knowing the following:

    - How long do you have?
    - To what part of the country are you planning to visit? Boston to Los Angeles is about 3,000 miles (4,800 km) to give you an idea of what you could plan.
    - Rafting (to me) implies more of a spring/summer trip than a fall/winter trip, but that may just be my Northeastern blood talking!

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    Being clueless on where you are coming from, how long you plan your visit to last, the extent to which you are weather adverse (cold, hot, wet, dry...), but basketball being something with a footing: fly to Tobacco Road in North Carolina. Lot's of fine college basketball played at a high performance level. The heart of the ACC. Charlotte, NC; Washington, D.C.; and, Atlanta have pro teams. Charlotte is a nice airport to fly into from overseas. Dulles (D.C.) would be my second choice.

    Trekking is available nearby in the Appalachian mountains. Target Asheville to be close to Tobacco Road basketball. The North Carolina BBQ is excellent. Some Southern culture nearby in Charleston, South Carolina.

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