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  1. Default Trip from Siverdale, Wa to Manitowoc, Wi first part of Dec

    My daughter and I are moving from Wa to Wi in the first part of December. I have been looking at routes and it looks like I can either go I94 or I90. Can u please give me information on which is better route. I have never drove in snow or ice and to tell you the truth it scares me. I forgot to mention I am a born raised Floridian and just recently came to Wa to help my daughter and I will be driving a u haul truck. So any information will be truly appreciated.
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    Really, either route has the major things you should be looking for. They're both all-Interstate (at least once you get past Seattle and until you get well into Wisconsin) and those roads are the flattest and straightest making them the easiest to drive with an unfamiliar truck, they get the first and best attention from the plowing/salting/sanding crews during any winter weather, and they have fairly frequent travelers' services (food/fuel/lodging) meaning that you can get off the road and in a nice warm motel if the weather turns against you. I-94 is a bit shorter than I-90, but I'd probably choose I-90 myself. The difference in distance is only going to mean an additional hour or so of driving over the roughly four days it will take you to make the journey, but by driving that extra hour you at least have the option of stopping at a few unique sites such as the Little Bighorn Battlefield and Badlands National Park without straying too far from your planned route. Also, while activity has declined recently and was never terrible in winter months anyway, much of western North Dakota through which I-94 passes, is experiencing an oil boom at the moment and motel rooms can be scarce and expensive. And finally, taking I-90 means that you can avoid driving through the Twin Cities. The easiest way to get to Manitowoc is to leave I-94 (this will require that you take I-94 west for a few miles from its junction with I-90 in Wisconsin) to WI-21 east to Oshkosh, US-41 north around Lake Winnebego to Menasha, and US-10 east the rest of the way to Manitowoc.

    But every bit as important as which road(s) to use is how much time you set aside for the journey. As noted above, if everything goes right this should take about four days. But you should set aside a fifth day so that you can afford to just sit out any weather or road conditions that scare you.


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    Default I'd lean towards I-94

    I would lean just a bit more towards I-94, but I agree with Buck the differences are very small.

    The biggest advantage to I-94 comes at the very end, where it is a bit easier to get across Wisconsin if you're coming from I-94. Near Eau Claire, you can get on WI-29 and take that through Wausau all the way to Green Bay, and then pick up I-43 and take that down to Manitowoc. WI-29 is all 4-lanes (or at least nearly all), as opposed to WI-21 from Tomah to Oshkosh, which is a 2 lane road.

    If you go via I-94, then you could visit Teddy Roosevelt National Park on the way. You will have to be mindful of the hotel situation in North Dakota, and really, the weather forecasts could very well be the most important factor - as it's entirely possible that a storm hitting North Dakota might not be as bad in South Dakota - or vice versa.

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    Thank u for the info, we don't have a set time. We just want to make safely. No site seeing along the way, just want to get her moved. And we are only driving during the day, she isn't suppose to drive at night.

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