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  1. Default Going back to the Grand Canyon-Need HELP PLANNING THE TRIP

    hi We have 4 days total. Are there other places to visit on the way to the Grand Canyon?We are coming from San Diego.
    Can you please help us plan?This is just our second time to go on a Road trip.Not a lot of experience. We've been to the Grand canyon but we were not able to go around the park.So we are going back.

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    Default A loop would allow you to visit several attractions.

    There are several places to choose from along the way.

    Joshua Tree NP; Lake Havasu City; OAK Creek Canyon and Sedona; Route 66 between Seligman and Topock through the lovely little town of Oatman where burros wander the main street.

    You might like to think about entering the GC via Flagstaff up US89 and AZ64, just like the Colorado River enters the Canyon. Be sure to make the most of all the view points along 64.

    All these places are marked on your maps. If you do not have any, I urge you to pick up some good detailed maps from AAA (free to members). You may even find other places which interest you.

    You could plan a loop trip and take a different route there and back.


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    Default Sunset crater, Monument valley.

    As you will know it will be 2 days of driving, one each way and you could easily spend 2 days at the Grand canyon. What I might do is drive through the Prescott valley through Oak creek to Sedona and then go up to Flagstaff spending your first night in one of those towns. Then you could continue north on US89 to near Cameron and enter the Grand canyon through the east entrance. You would then see all the viewpoints along Desert view drive in the same direction as the Colorado river carved it's way through to the main canyon area. Depending on how you want to spend the time, near Flagstaff is Lowell Observatory, Walnut canyon and Sunset Crater, or you could even drive out to Monument valley. The following day you could explore the rim all the way up to Hermits drive and I spend the night in the park to [hopefully] witness a sunset. You would then complete the loop by exiting the park through Tusayan on the way home. There are sections of old route 66 with historic 66 towns you could explore, then there is Joshua Tree NP, but you really haven't got a lot of spare time and if GC is the main purpose of the trip, I would concentrate the time away from driving mainly there and choose a couple of options on route.

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    Another San Diegan here with similar advice to what Dave suggested. Spend two days driving - one in each direction. Bear in mind these will be 500 mile days. Spend the other two days seeing the Grand Canyon.

    Joshua Tree is about 2-1/2 to 3 hours from San Diego and can be easily done on a regular weekend - or a 3-day weekend to "do it up" even better.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ARVEE View Post
    We've been to the Grand canyon but we were not able to go around the park.So we are going back.
    I'm not really sure what you mean by this.

    I'm guessing that you carried out the very rushed trip you proposed a couple of years ago? If that's the case, and the reason that you're going back is that you didn't have time to really see much of the park, then it would seem that you should focus your time on actually seeing the park this time. If you start adding lots of places on top of what is still going to be a pretty quick trip, you're going to be right back where you started - going there, but not having a chance to see it.

    As an aside, it might be worth taking another look at your old thread, as some of the previous advice could be helpful again.

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    Thank you very much.Your suggestions were all helpful!!!!

    To Midwest Michael,we didnt. We were excited to drive to Vegas that's why after 2 stops on the bus,we told ourselves we've seen it all.

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