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    Planning a road trip starting around 27th November from around the Cut bank, Montana area heading to Dallas Texas to leave Dallas on 23rd December.
    We plan to head through San Francisco, possibly Los Angeles, Las Vegas then on to Texas.
    They are just the places we have planned to go to!
    Looking for some advice on routes to take and must see places on the way.
    We will be driving in a dodge caravan and hope to be staying in the back of that most nights. So any advice on cheap campsites to stay at too would be great!

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    Default Your Two (or Three) Best Resources

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    For all the splendor of our national park system, the individual parks are chosen for their uniqueness rather than their geographical distribution. What you need instead are collections of outdoor locations (that allow camping) as spread out and ubiquitous as possible. Fortunately there are two such systems, one national and the other 'local'. The national system is the U.S. Forest Service, while the 'local' system consists of the 50 separate collections of state parks. In the west, you often have a third resource, the Bureau of Land Management. You'll have to do a bit of planning and then poking around all those various websites to first determine where you'll be needing a place to set up camp, even if it's only to park your van for the night, and then checking what options are available in the area that suit you. But each of those resources should offer you the opportunity for some very low cost (often free, especially in the off-season) camping opportunities.


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    A couple of things come to mind, regarding the idea of sleeping in your vehicle at night. First, where are you going to put your luggage when you are sleeping? For sure, you will not want to put it outside. Maybe you'll have room in the front seats. Anyway, it's something to think about.

    The other is how you are going to stay warm enough at night and still have ventilation. Even the deserts around Las Vegas, through Arizona and into NM and TX, can get into the 30s at night in December. Make sure you have good 4-season sleeping bags.


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    Default Public lands campgrounds.

    Following on from Buck 's suggestions, it will pay you to call in at a ranger's office or Bureau of Land office, to get locations of campsites. The websites are not always up to date, as I found out last year. They are good campsites with basic facilities, usually without running water, so carry some yourself. Often you will find you are the only one - even in summer.


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