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    Default Road Trip From New York to Boston in December

    Hello everyone! To drive from New York to Boston next december, I wonder, if it is posible, to take a scenic but safe route , avoiding the main highway, considering the varying weather conditions in late Fall to early Winter.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I have never driven in North America in winter.


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    I am quite familiar with the various possibilities for getting between Boston and New York, and there really aren't any good workable to the two main Interstate routes. New England surface roads are quite congested in the sense that they go through many, many small towns and even a relatively short drive between New York and Boston could take by far the better part of a day. This is especially true in the winter when significant weather can drop speeds into the very small double digits. Your only real choices then are I-95, I-84/I-90, or some combination of the two. I-95 has the advantage of following the coast and there is some small chance that the warmer off-shore waters will be enough to keep some precipitation in the form of rain rather than snow. Software mapping routines will suggest I-95 to New Haven, I-91 up to Hartford, I-84 to the Mass Pike and the Mass Pike (I-90) the rest of the way into Boston. My own preference is to use I-684 north out of New York City to Brewster and then I-84 through Hartford to the Mass Pike. If the weather is good, and you want to avoid the toll on the turnpike, and you have a little extra time at that point, you can use US-20 instead of the Mass Pike; but inside MA-128, I'd still use the Mass Pike.


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