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    Default 23 days Los Angeles-Portland/Seattle summer 2016

    We are looking to spend about 23 days in August 2016 travelling by hire car from either Los Angeles to Portland/ Seattle or vice versa.We would like to see the coast as well as the inland National Parks.I am just starting my planning and would appreciate advise.We are late 50s and not really interested in too much hiking.(short enjoyable hikes,ok!)We like touring wineries,sightseeing,swimming,beautiful scenery and prefer self catering cabins were we can barbeque,with a good hotel now and again.How shall we spend our 23 days?Any tourplan and/ or suggestions would be much appreciated! We have in August spent a month touring from L.A. to Yellowstone and back via the Rockies and enjoyed the USA so much that we would like to come again next year!We are from South Africa.Thanks!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It sounds like you'll have a great trip ahead of you, as the west coast has lots of the things you are interested in doing.

    I will suggest that you'd probably be best off doing a loop trip, starting and ending in the same city. It should save you a significant amount of money, and would actually be a bit easier too. You could explore inland attractions, like Sequoia, Yosemite, Lassen Volcanic, and Crater Lake, one direction, and then follow the coast the other direction. It wouldn't matter where on the loop you start (Seattle, Portland, SF, or LA), and you can shop around to see which city offers the best prices for airfare and car rentals, although you may want to do inland attractions while heading North, so you are on the ocean side of the highway when following the coast.

    Beyond that, we don't really build tour plans for people, but there is a wealth of information on this site to help you research and find things that meet your interests. Of course, if you have any specific questions about the region, we're more than happy to help.

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    Default Some of Those Resources

    To help get you started, let me direct you to part of the 'wealth of information' that Michael referred to. Begin by having a look through the discussions linked to in these two posts, covering the Pacific Northwest and Southern California and inland. Then, when you have an idea of what's available and have developed a basic plan, we can help you fine tune it a bit. But Michael's advice that we don't 'do' planning is spot on. The best RoadTrips are those that you customize to your own tastes and desires.


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    I would agree with Michael in that a loop trip could work out best for you and particularly as you want to visit both inland and coastal attractions. We recently done a similar thing, starting in LA and heading north on an inland route before heading to Olympic NP and then hugging the coast heading south through Oregon and California. Doing it this way round meant that the ocean and the ocean side viewpoints were on our side of the road. Other attractions to consider would be Lake Tahoe, Burney Falls, Mt Hood, Columbia River gorge, Mt St Helens, Mt Ranier and Olympic NP. Lots to do along the coast including the Oregon dunes, California Redwoods, Golden Gate into San Fran and the scenic coast drive around Big Sur. It's a wonderful area to explore !

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    Thank you for your suggestions!

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    Could I have your opinion on my tour plan?We added an extra few days..making it 27/28 days.Does it cover the best sites/scenic routes?Are there places that we should spend less/more time?Thanks!
    Arr LA overnight
    Sequoaia & Kings Canyon(2 nights)
    Yosemite(3 nights)
    South Lake Tahoe(2nights)
    Redding(1 night)
    Crater Lake(1 night)
    Portland(3 nights)
    Seattle(2 nights)
    Olympic Park(3nights)
    Astoria(1 night)
    San Fransisco(3nights)

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    Default A couple of ideas to ponder.

    Hi again, good to see you making progress with your trip plans ! A couple of things I would consider are firstly, I would head to Lassen National Volcanic park from Tahoe and stay the night near the park instead of Redding. Then you could take US89 to I5 through the town of McCloud from where you get nice views of Mt Shasta. Next I would consider heading from Crater Lake to Hood river area for a night and drive through the Columbia river Gorge historic area and stop at the various waterfalls and then to Portland for 2 nights. You could visit the Gorge as a day trip from Portland, but I think it's a good option that keeps you more off Interstate and saves you back tracking. Another thing is that going from Florence to Eureka in a day will be quite a long day and to see some of the Redwoods you would have to back track. I would consider spending one night in between Klamath and Orick and then Eureka. That would give you time to drive the Newton B Drury scenic parkway and give you easier access to places like the Ladybird Johnson Grove of Redwoods on Bald Hills road etc. You could also continue a little further than Eureka and be nearer the Humboltds and the Avenue of the Giants scenic drive, but Eureka would work. Just south of Eureka you will find the Victorian town of Ferndale which is quite pretty and could be worth a detour if you can fit it into your schedule. Last but not least, I would also cut a night from Napa or SF and break the journey back to LA, you won't be able to take the coast highway if you don't stop overnight and it's a spectacular drive.

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    Default Coast Highway?

    Are you planning to drive the Pacific Coast Highway from SF to LA? If you do - highly recommended, a beautiful drive - you will need a night there as well. It is a two day drive from SF to LA via the PCH.


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    Thank you for your replies!I will consider and replan!

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