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    Hi ! I am a newbie here, so I did not want to start the same topic. I am going to travel by car for 12 days from LA to LA, round trip. May be you can check my route on google map and to give any advices ?

    Key points are: LA city, Death Valley park, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Zion (hike in Zion in the morning drive to Bryce in the afternoon), Moab, Ouray, Monument Valley, Grand canyon, back to LA.

    Thank you.

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    Let's start with the obvious, You're going to be driving through some of the most scenic areas of the United States and perhaps the world. You are already planning to stop at some of the best natural wonders available to you. You'll need about five days worth of time to account for the driving leaving you about seven days to spend at the sites you'll be visiting. That's actually pretty close to the bare minimum they deserve, so I won't be recommending any additional stops. In particular, the national parks need to be enjoyed at a walking pace, not just by driving up to a parking lot, taking a few pictures, and hopping back in the car. So two recommendations...

    First, at each national park you visit, make your first stop at the Visitors Center or at a Ranger Station and talk to one of the very helpful folks there. They can direct you to the best walks to suit you, the time of year, the current weather, and any animal movements going on. Those might be the best 15-30 minutes you spend in each and every park. Secondly, since you have four or more parks on your list, buy an annual pass ($80) at the first park you come to. That pass will be good for admission for you and everyone in your car to all the parks and national monuments on your itinerary. Note, however, that Monument Valley is a Navajo Tribal Park and not a national park and so is not included. I would also suggest you look into hiring a native guide for that and use their four-wheel drive vehicles to get well back into the park, and not rely on your rental car.


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    Спасибо ! Thanks a lot for your help. I shall surely buy a national parks annual pass for this trip.

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