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  1. Default Need Advice for Dec Road Trip (Newbies here!) Las Vegas to LA

    Good evening and thank you for reading my post. My husband, daughter and I recently decided to extend our Vegas trip by driving from there to LA. Our adult disabled daughter's dream is to visit Disneyland. We know she will only be able to tolerate one day there, so this is what we tentatively plan on doing: leave Vegas on Monday morning, visit cool places Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, Thursday visit Disneyland and Friday return home, leaving from LA. I think my husband is interested in seeing natural sites such as the Grand Canyon, Death Valley... rather than the city of Los Angeles. I think it would be cool to travel down Rt 66. We really do not know what lies around Las Vegas and / or on the way to Los Angeles that would be cool to see. Is Rt 66 close by? Out of the way? We obviously do not have a lot of time, but we would appreciate any ideas you can give us. Thank you.

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    Default Natural attractions on the way to LA.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    That all sounds like a good idea. You could visit Death Valley as a Day trip from LV. Grand Canyon needs a bit more time - two days - but then there is no need to go back to LV. After the Grand Canyon head west along I-40, at Seligman take old Route 66. You could take that all the way to Topock, through the lovely old western town of Oatman - where the burros wander down the main street. Then you have the choice of either Mojava National Preserve or Joshua Tree National Park, on your way to LA and onto Disneyland.

    Be aware that most of the trips to the GC you see advertised in LV do not go to the NP. Their destination is the much closer west rim, which is nowhere near as spectacular as the NP. Also much moire expensive!

    Enjoy, it's a lovely part of the world.

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    I went for a family trip to San Francisco and I think your children will love the beautiful sights there.As I don't have much knowledge of Vegas.

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    Default Thank you.

    Hi Susan, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I note you have given advice about SF in a couple of other threads. I will agree with you that SF is a lovely place, though I have not spend enough time there. Never enough time.

    It's always great to see a new member jumping in to help other members. If ever you need help planning a trip, feel free to start your own thread. Meanwhile, your contributions will, I feel sure, be appreciated.


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    Default Three Days: Las Vegas to Los Angeles

    As I read your post, you currently plan on leaving Las Vegas, after having spent some time there, and take three days to drive to Los Angeles before spending the next day at Disneyland. In that case, as Lifey points out, you'd do well to visit Death Valley as a day trip from Las Vegas during your time there. Some other scenic natural sites you might want to check out while in Las Vegas include Valley of Fire State Park to the northeast and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area to the west.

    Then for your drive to L.A. you could start by going to the Grand Canyon, taking time to visit Hoover Dam on the way. Try, however, to arrive at the Canyon well before sunset so that you can experience the views from many different vantage points (along the Rim Dive) under various lighting conditions. Lodging in the park itself is difficult to come by without a reservation but start checking now and even if you haven't succeeded by the time you get there, check again on arrival. People do cancel.

    Spend some more time the next morning at the Canyon and then start your two-day drive to L.A. The longest remaining stretch of the former Route 66 runs from Seligman to Kingman through Peach Springs. This section is marked as AZ-66 since US-66 was decommissioned roughly 25 years ago, and was the visual inspiration for the scenery in the movie Cars. You might also enjoy a short detour south from I-40 just before leaving Arizona on AZ-95 to lake Havasu City and London Bridge. Another possible stop is Mojave National Preserve which is directly accessible from I-40. If you do stop, be sure to check out the Kelso Visitors Center.

    There aren't a lot of lodging options along I-40 between Needles and Barstow, so I'd encourage you to work out what you want to see between the Grand Canyon and L.A., time things out, and see what your best options are. This is because you don't want to be driving into L.A. between roughly 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Yes, it will help a bit that you are headed into town during the evening rush hour(s), but not all that much and you do want pleasant memories rather than recurring nightmares.


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    Default Authentic or modern.

    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post
    ... the longest remaining stretch of the former Route 66 runs from Seligman to Kingman through Peach Springs. This section is marked as AZ-66 since US-66 was decommissioned roughly 25 years ago ...
    This section of route 66 is actually a modern road, though it does have the old roadside attractions.

    The section between Kingman and Topock is an authentic section of route 66. This road, although maintained has not been modernised. You will be able to experience it, just as it was when it was immortalised in song. Imagine driving a 30s or 50s vehicle as you drive along this section, over Sitgreaves Pass (3652') with its expansive views and through that lovely little western town of Oatman.

    If you want an authentic route 66 experience, this is the section to drive.


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    Thanks to everyone for the wonderful ideas for our short but exciting trip from Vegas to LA. We are really looking forward to this as we have never been in this part of our country before.

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    I was looking for something exactly like this!! :D This looks exciting! I reached back from Switzerland yesterday. I have a long vacation of 8 months. I have lots of plans! Among them one is a cruise by Blount Small Ship Adventures from Chicago to Warren and the second one is the road trip from Las Vegas to LA. I got all the details I was looking for :D ! Thanks ! :)
    Btw, I would like to know some good places to eat on the way from Las Vegas to LA! :D

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