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    Hi! I'll be travelling with a group of friends(5 of us in total) in the east side of USA during this year December. We are planning to do a road trip starting from NYC-Philly-Baltimore- Washington DC- Niagara Falls- NYC, in a total of 11 days. We will be leaving NYC on 20th Dec, and we hope to be back at NYC on the 31st to make it for the countdown. Is it possible to do the whole trip in 11 days? Do you think this route will be feasible? We will definitely wanna go Niagara falls and NYC, since we will fly into NYC, and fly out of NYC as well. But for the rest of the route destinations, we are flexible about it. Hoping we can make a trip down to Washington if we can make it in 11 days. Really need your help with this! Thanks a lot! :)

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    Default Winter planning depends on the weather.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Your trip at that time of the year will be dependent almost completely on the weather. Whichever route you decide to take, after checking good maps and attractions, you will need to keep an eye on the weather, and then keep your route flexible. If you want to be back in NYC for New Year, keep a day or two up your sleeve, lest you get caught in a storm, and need to take time to sit it out in a nearby hotel.

    Also be aware that Niagara Falls, although not frozen over by then, will be in winter mode. None of the services will be open and tours will not be operating. Only the visitor centre on Goat Island will be open. You can't drive up to it, but it is a short walk from the car park. If you want to see the Canadian side of the falls as well (said by most to be the better side), be sure that you can take the rental car into Canada... and that you have the appropriate visas - if applicable.


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    Default Further thoughts.

    NYC and Washington DC, are not exactly motor car friendly. Both have excellent public transport, parking is expensive, and often difficult to find. You might be better of, taking the train from NYC to DC.

    When looking for a rental car you might like to check out nearby destinations in NJ. I believe renting in NJ is much cheaper than New York State. You could rent the car just for Niagara, and perhaps visit Philidelphia on the way from NYC to DC.


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    Hi Lifey!

    Thanks for the heads up! I was still planning to go on the mist ride, but it will be closed like what you said right? BUt we are still hoping to see the falls, so im thinking to just spend one day at Niagara Falls. Is there anything else we can do on the US/Canada side during dec?

    What worries me most is the feasibility of our route. If we rush, do you think NYC - Baltimore - washington - Nigara - finger lakes - howe caverns - catskill - NYC will be possible?

    We are also more interested in visiting more scenic places with majestic views (albeit it will be winter). Are there any places along the route that you can recommend?

    Thank you so much!! :)

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    Default Weather permitting.

    There are many scenic areas for you to visit, even in winter. However, it would be best if you left the decisions on where to go and how far until a couple of days beforehand, when you know what the weather will be doing. Then you can make the decisions abou5t destination in line with getting back to the city for New Year's Eve.

    You should be able to get a map from the tourism bureau in NYC. When you know the weather forecast, decide how far you can go. All those places you mentioned are feasible, weather permitting. I particularly like US20, though it is quite a bit slower than the Thruway (toll road).

    As I said in the beginning, at that time of the year, it all depends on the weather.


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