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  1. Default Flights booked! Advice would be great :)

    Hi everyone,
    My husband and I have just booked flights from England to Boston and returning from New York, next August, for 20 nights.
    I have a very rough plan, please, any suggestions/diversions on what I've written would be appreciated, the DC area bit gets a bit hazy and unsure to be honest!
    Cape Cod 2/3n
    Niagara 2
    Cincinnati 1
    Tennessee 5 (Memphis 2 Nashville 3?)
    Charlottesville 1
    DC 2
    Atlantic/Ocean City 2
    NY 4
    The definite bit is the 4 n in NY at the end, and Tennessee
    Any advice would be very much appreciated
    Thanks x

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    Default A Whirlwind Trip

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums

    While you're proposed itinerary is certainly possible, it is of necessity going to be pretty hectic - more of a smorgasbord than a meal to be savored. You'll be hitting about half a dozen distinctly different parts of the country, and you'll only have about a dozen or so days (after accounting for driving and flight connections) to spread among them. So, for example, your two days in New England will get you nothing more than Cape Cod; your two days in the Great Lakes only Niagara Falls, in the Midwest ?, in the 'South' just Tennessee and only the larger cities at that, in the Appalachians nothing, one day in our nation's capital, one day on the Atlantic coast, and a few days in New York City. You could spend a week in any one of those spots - easily. So, before loading you down with even more things to see and do, since presumably you have reasons for including each of these stops in your plans, I'd urge you to take a meat cleaver - or at least a paring knife - to your current list and take the time to savor the fewer spots that are really more important to you.


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    Default Agreed.

    Could not agree with Buck more. The DC area alone has so many national monuments and the many Smithsonian sites you could spend a fortnight there. They are scattered all over the area. Driving around and parking at each site can take some time, as can waiting in queues. Even leaving the car at the hotel and taking the excellent public transport around the city, takes time, though a lot less than trying to find a parking spot.

    Yeah, I'd cut this all down to the main sites or cities you want to see.


  4. Default New itinerary - different to the original!

    Hi again folks,
    I've made quite a big change to our original plan of visiting Tennessee, and that instead is as follows
    Cape Cod (Hyannis) 3
    Niagara on the lake 2
    (Both of these are booked)
    Then drive south over two days and arrive in Savannah for 3n
    Myrtle Beach 4n
    DC 3n
    NYC 4n

    I know there is a lot of driving from Niagara South, could anybody recommend a stopover town on the way down, it doesn't have to be anywhere fancy, just somewhere a little over halfway.
    Also, would folks say 3 in Savannah and 4 in Myrtle sounds about right? Or the other way round?


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    Default Congratulations...

    ...and thank you for taking our advice. I think you'll have a much more rewarding trip now that you're not trying to squeeze ten pounds of potatoes into a five-pound sack. As for the drive down from Niagara to Savannah, Beckley WV at the junction of I-64, I-77, and US-19 is probably as good a place as any. It's a little less than half way. That may be important as you are listing your overnight in the Niagara area as Niagara-on-the-Lake. Be aware that Niagara-on-the-Lake is in Ontario, Canada and that you will therefore have to pass through customs to re-enter the US and begin your journey southward. But also Beckley is a fair sized town with plenty of lodging options and is in a beautiful area of the Appalachian Mountains. The first day's drive would be around 500 miles while the second would be about 570 miles, both of which are eminently doable on American roads at a relaxed pace and leaving a little time to take some short walks to break up the trip.

    As for where to spend time, that is up to you. Savannah is a quintessential 'Southern' city built around a series of park-like Squares, very laid back. Myrtle Beach is more of a honkey-tonk seaside resort with ocean, amusement parks, and that sort of thing. The other town to consider on this stretch is Charleston SC with its Civil War history, restored plantations, and general charm

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    Hey AZBuck. I feel better about this route to be honest, and it'd be nice to see some of the Atlantic Coast, along with GA and the Carolinas. You've reminded me actually about immigration upon leaving Niagara on the lake. I had planned to do the heaviest day on the first, we will still be jetlagged so was hoping for a 6-7am departure time from Niagara and driving the 630 miles to Winston-Salem, which seems quite nice. I know this is at least 10 hrs driving but thought then we would arrive in Savannah the next day sooner if we'd stayed in Beckley. I have noticed hotels are running out of rooms quickly so will make a firm decision this weekend :)

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