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    I'm going to be driving from Ohio to Aspen Colorado in a couple weeks. How safe is it to sleep in my car at a truck stop? I have window covers which will keep any peepers trying to look in. Can anyone recommend a decent truck stop along I70 near Topeka KS?

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    Sleeping in your car at a truck stop is generally safe. Check with the clerk when you arrive, and find out where they'd like you to be parked, and of course, it's customary to make some purchase while you're there.

    The safety concern I see would be your plan to stop near Topeka. Even from western Ohio, You're looking at a 1400 mile trip, and that's too far to safely do with just 1 overnight stop. Professional drivers would be required to make 2 overnight stops to cover this distance. Thinking you can safely drive back to back 700 miles (about 13 hours each day, in real world conditions) would be a mistake.

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    Default Truck Stops.

    Get hold of a copy of The Truck Stop Directory, which, among other information, lists the truck stops which allow overnight parking - RV friendly. Then follow all of Michael's advice for a safe trip.


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