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  1. Default Seattle, WA to Dallas, TX road trip in Sept

    Hi I am moving to Dallas,TX from Seattle in the last week on Sept 15..I am alone and driving Honda CRV & want to complete it in 3 days with no sight seen as need to join office over there.
    Day 1 ->Start on Friday at 4 PM - 6 hrs drive.stay in hotel.
    Day 2->Sat 13 hrs drive--stay in hotel
    Day3-> Sun 12 hrs drive --and reach to Dallas .

    When I searched on Google maps, it showed me route Seattle (I90)-> Spokane (I90)->Missoula (I90)->Billings (I90)->Casper(I25)-> Cheyenne(I25)->Denver (I25)->Colorado Springs((I25)->Amrarillo -> Wichita Falls-> Dallas .(around 31 hours).

    As per the forum discussion , road trip from Seattle to Dallas I saw there is another route which goes via Seattle-> Boise-> Salt lake City-> Albuquerque -> Dallas TX. and many people traveled by this route.

    So I will need help and advice that which is the good ,fastest and safe route to travel from Seattle to Dallas during Sept last week.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    This is a 4 day drive, not a 2.5 day drive! You need to take both Friday and Monday off. Trying to do this solo any faster is very unsafe.

    The fastest way is I-90/I-82/I-84 to SLC, I-80/I-25 to Denver, I-70 to Limon, then US-287 through Amarillo to Dallas.

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    Default need at least 1 more day (minimum)

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but the plan you've laid out isn't going to work for a variety of reasons.

    First, the trip is going to take a lot more time than you are planning.You are talking about a 2200 mile trip, and in the real world, thats takes about 40 hours (ignore the fantasy times provided by online mapping programs that assume you can travel above the speed limit for every hour of the day, and never have to stop, much less slow down) so you haven't planned enough time.

    Having said that, trips of this length really need to be measured in days, not hours. You're practically looking at 4 full days to make this trip safely. Perhaps you can trim it down to 3.5 days, but that still needs you need to plan at least 1 more day for this trip.

    If you are focusing on speed, stick to the Interstates. Going to Albquerque means lots of time on 2 lane roads that will further slow you down.

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    Thanks .I am planning to follow Interstate.
    Seattle (I90)-> Spokane (I90)->Missoula (I90)->Billings (I90)->Casper(I25)-> Cheyenne(I25)->Denver (I25)->Colorado Springs((I25)->Amrarillo --> Dallas .

    Can you please guide me how to check weather for road trip or provide links to watch weather forcast throught the route

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    Default That's Fine, But...

    That's a perfectly acceptable routing, but is not the shortest and will take a full four days with overnight stops in or near Deer Lodge MT, Douglas WY, and Boise City OK. Are still planning on doing this in less than three days?


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    The route you've listed is neither the shortest, nor an all Interstate Route.

    Taking I-90 to Montana adds about 50 miles vs taking I-84/I-80 through Utah and Wyoming. Then beyond Denver, it is a bit shorter to go down via Amarillo, but that means a lot of miles on 2 lane roads and roads with traffic lights. Even US-287 south of Amarillo isn't full freeway and goes through a handful of towns. Using I-70/I-135/I-35 through Kansas would be my choice for the fastest/easiest route.

    As long as you are taking 4 full days, it shouldn't matter too much, but your route isn't ideal for what you've stated you want to do, imho.

    For weather, there are no shortage of internet sites that provide weather information, and every hotel I've ever stayed in has had the weather channel as part of the cable tv package, so that's a very easy way to check what you can expect as you head out on the road each morning.

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    Using I-70/I-135/I-35 through Kansas would be my choice for the fastest/easiest route.
    But there are tolls on that route - the KS Turnpike.


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    That is correct, there would be a $2 toll on the Kansas Turnpike. Small price to pay to avoid stop and go traffic on 2 lane roads, if you're trying to make a speed run.

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