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  1. Default From USA to Argentina ( search for companion )

    Hello, for first i want to say sorry for my future mistakes and bad english ) I am from Ukraine and i planning the long journey from USA to Argentina by car. At this moment i am just one and i searching for company for this journey. Maybe it's not this topic where i can write about that, anyway.. I hope somebody will interested in, because it's little bit expensive for me to travel by car single and of course a bit boring..

    So, my plan )

    I will be in USA from 5-10 of october... New York, San Diego , Philadelphia
    After 17 of November i am free, and i want to visit Mexico ( country at all ) and also Mexico city..
    About car , i think for this long period it's better to buy some car then rent, it will be cheaper and feeling that it's yours better in any case ) Or maybe somebody will go by own car ... I looking for different ways.
    I still dont know where it's better to buy it, in USA or in Mexico. I investigate it.. But i think it will better to buy it in Mexico, in case of the price and and required documents.

    I want to see culture of all Latin countries, so i havent strict plan where i will be and i havent any reservations .. And I'm ready for any path.
    In the end of this journey i want to be in Buenos - Aires ( Argentina ) .

    Maybe somebody planning some journey like that or some short one and need some good company to travel ..

    The main :
    - I'm not tied to the dates ( i mean after 17 of November )
    - I do not hurry, i dont need visas to Latin American countries . Problems with the decision of where to go will not be
    - I am 20, I am a dancer and it will always be to talk about with me
    - I have an international driver's license, the problems with the documents will not be ( i'm normal driver , dont worry )
    - I have friends in some countries , so it will be okay to stay some where for free or to get a guide )
    - I look forward to traveling for a few months, but consider any proposals

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I wish you a lot of luck, as I think you'll find the vehicle situation to be extremely difficult. It is nearly impossible to purchase a car as a non-resident in the US, and while you may find it easier in Mexico or another country to purchase a car, there can still be a lot of red tape when it comes to crossing a border with a car, especially when it comes time for your trip to end. Selling a car titled in another country involves a huge amount of red tape, and some times isn't allowed at all. In some countries, if you enter via car, it is marked on your passport and you are not allowed to leave without the car.

    Of course, you can't drive directly from North and Central America to South America, as there is no road from Panama to Colombia - known as the Darien Gap. You'll have to find some kind of shipping option in that section.

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    "it is marked on your passport and you are not allowed to leave without the car "
    - ohh.. I did not know about it ( It's hard to find information about countries with that law... If somebody had troubles with that it would be nice if you share information about that countries or links where to read about it.. thx in advance
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    Default It is a long time researching.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gan View Post
    It's hard to find information about countries with that law...
    I have heard of people who are planning a trip down from the US in their own cars. It is not something you do without a lot of research. Some have been researching for years.... not a couple of months. A trip like you are planning takes a long time to plan well and organise. You have a lot of work ahead of you.

    I do know that each year there is a group of roadtrippers who drive down and back again. They do take passengers, but I do not know their name or contacts. I have read about them one day when I stumbled on a website. Some start from Alaska, others join them in Texas.

    From what I have read, the best way to do a trip such as you would like to do is with a group for safety and the combined knowledge base.


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    It's actually not that hard to get a foreigner driver's license. And also, crossing the Darien Gap isn't difficult either. You'll have to pay a $500 shipping fee for your vehicle, but it's not a difficult process. I've been researching this trip because I'm doing it next summer.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, Shalashaska! Thanks for sharing the info about the cost to ship a car across the Darien Gap.

    A "foreign" drivers license is almost never an issue. The drivers license from your home country will nearly always be valid (such things are governed by international treaties), although an international drivers license is a translation that can make everything much easier if you do have issues. Where a foreign drivers license may not be enough is if you want to purchase a vehicle in another country - but each country will have it's own laws about that sort of thing.

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