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  1. Default LA, Pacyfic coast, Rubicon trail, Yellowstone, Moab , Canyons and Colorado, Chicago

    Hi there

    I'm new here but hope just make it all right.

    Well I'm coming to USA for my 3 time, but before I was only on east coast.
    I'm a sailor so I was just visiting ports.

    But now, I'm coming in different way.

    I'm coming to make a trip with my father.
    My idea is to make the way like this:

    5 weeks! (24.08 - 27.09)

    LA - pacific cost highway - San Francisco - Tahoe and Rubicon trail - Flying geyser - Yellowstone - Jackson - Salt lake city - Moab trail
    Las Vegas - Canyons - Monuments - El Paso - ( painted dunes ? ) - Roswell - Earthship biostructure - Colorado trail - Denver - Chicago

    We will go by 4x4 ( Land rover discovery 3 or toyota Land cruser )..We're offroad beginers.

    I saw a lot about pacific part of the trip on the forum, I'm looking for information about the trails, We don't wanna go to much on hi ways - but still we need to buy a gasoline sometimes right. We'll sleep in car or tent (where possible ).

    Any information You guys thing will be use full, just please tell us.
    We will be very thankfull for ale the info and help.

    If any one want to join for some part of the trip ;p c'mon be our guest as we will be yours.

    Kind regards

    Lucas and Marek
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    Not many people post here on off roading. Try a forum as They will be better to advise you about the off roading aspect of your trip. Then come back with where you have decided to go and the people here will do a good job helping your get to your destinations.

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    Thanks for advise 32vld,
    I will of course write on jeep forum.

    the trip is part off road part road.

    but yeah, i will come back witch more precisely questions ;p


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    Default Off roading ? Not with a rental.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    As you say you are "coming to America" I presume you will be renting a vehicle ? If that is the case then I am sorry to say that you will not be permitted to drive 'off road' with your rental. The only time you could do so is if you rent for a day or 2 from specialist 4x4 companies you may find along the way.

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    Yeah thats the sweet part, im not gonna rent, I'm gonna buy and ship it to Europe from Chicago
    and then sell it to cover part of the trip cost.

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    If you are a non-resident, how do you plan on buying and registering it here?

  7. Default Mechanical advise while buy car in LA

    Hi there

    I'm flying to LA and will buy a car there.
    I have find some some but, it would be good to have some full time 4x4 mechanic witch while buying. To not buy shit yo know.

    how can I find right person ?
    how can I organize that ?


  8. Default insurance and road asistance

    I'm looking for insurance for trip.
    5 weeks LA - Chicago, on road and off road.

    any good companies for insurance,
    and best Roadside Assistance Services ?

    thanks in advance


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    If you are renting a vehicle from a nationally known company, you should not need to worry about roadside assistance. The big companies - Hertz, Enterprise, Alamo, National, and more - use reliable and new vehicles. But if you do have a problem, you call their toll-free number and they will bring a new vehicle directly to you, no matter where you are.

    They also offer insurance, and if you are a non-resident non-citizen, you are probably best off buying theirs.

    BTW, if you are renting a vehicle, it will not be allowed to go "off road". If you want to go "off road", you can rent a jeep or similar from a local place for a day or so while you go off road. Same issue with roadside assistance and insurance, though.


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    I have a sneakin' suspicion that a moderator is going to start combining all of your threads into one, so that us regulars can keep track of it a little easier.

    Buying a car as a non-resident is not impossible, but it is very, very difficult and full of loads of pitfalls and sinkholes. I'm sure you will hear from the one regular on this forum that has actually accomplished it, but she has family here in the States and usually comes over on one of the better visas available. As glc suggested, buying and registering it is difficult, and insurance will be a formidable barrier as well. Have you looked into the cost of shipping the vehicle back, and how many issues you may have to deal with for its import?

    Finally, in another thread you talked about buying it in LA. Los Angeles, CA, is going to be a miserable to place to buy a used vehicle. DMV-CA is going to want a permanent CA address to register it. You have to get the vehicle smogged, whether it is a gasoline run vehicle or a 1999 or later diesel vehicle. Then, you insure it in the state you bought it, and CA is sky-high (especially if you are under 25 years old).

    If you are counting on selling the vehicle in Europe to recover the costs of the trip, this is probably a losing battle.

    I am usually quite a positive person (my husband has referred to me as "Pollyanna" in recent weeks), but frankly, I'm not sure that even I see very much positive in your plan.


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