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  1. Default Advice welcome for my Big September Trip

    Hi forum readers! I just found this site. In late September I am going to attempt a trip from Michigan to Las Vegas to Yosemite to Ely MN. I will be driving to states I have never visited (Idaho, Montana, North Dakota) and would especially welcome any current advice and experiences you have. My plan is to drive around 500 miles a day. It has been a long time since I have visited the other states along the route.

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    Default What are you looking for ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Is there any specific advice you wanted ? There would be thousands of attractions along such a route and many route options.

    Driving 500 miles a day is quite comfortable for getting from A to B using main highways, but it wouldn't leave you much time for sight seeing. Yosemite is a place where you really need a couple of days to do it justice and between Vegas and Yosemite you could drive through Death valley, but for sight seeing would take more of your time.
    So if you can tell us more about you and your trip it would help in giving meaningful answers. How long have you got for the trip ? What are your interests > And anything else you can think of to help us give you the answers you are looking for. If you haven't already, you should take a look at a good paper map and see what interests you, routes that you would like to drive and then you will have a clearer picture of the lay of the land.

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    Default Make your choice.

    Here is a paragraph recently posted on this forum. Follow its advice and I am sure you will design a great trip....

    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck
    Start with maps. Not GPS, not software, not Google, but real honest-to-god paper maps that show you your entire route, that you can mark up (and erase), that you can stick pins in, and that show something about the land you'll be driving through. Those are your essential tool in any RoadTrip planning process. Start by marking all the places you know you want to visit. Then connect the dots. Then look for more places of interest and scenic routes along the lines connecting the dots. Repeat until you've got as many sites and roads as you think you want.
    Good maps, such as those produced by AAA and Rand McNally show what there is to see along any given route - natural, historical, touristy, etc. They also hilight scenic routes.

    Wherever you strike a 'roadblock' feel free to come back for help.

    Enjoy the planning and have a safe trip.


  4. Default Yosemite to Boundary Waters MN- anyone traveled this route?

    I have never been to Nevada-Idaho-North Dakota-Montana, and this is the second part of a long road trip I am about to take. Has anyone traveled a similar route? What advice do you have about driving and or interesting things you saw along the way? Looks like my route is a lot of 80/84 and 94E. Looking forward to seeing these states, and hope the elevations aren't that bad en route because I sometimes get altitude sickness.

    Moderator Note: Please keep all questions about this trip in the same thread.
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    This thread is of special interest to me; a newbie so I have a newbie question- I love the references to Death Valley, but is it worth taking this route as a drive-through only? I have time limits because after I leave the Vegas trip I need to meet family members in Groveland near Yosemite. Thanks so much for any advice you can give!

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    The fastest route from LV to Groveland is US-95 to NV-266/CA-168 to US-395 to CA-120 over Tioga Pass and through Yosemite. This assumes Tioga Pass is open. What is the exact date of this trip?

    If Tioga Pass is closed, then you will need to take I-15 to CA-58 to Bakersfield, then CA-99 to Turlock, County J14 (Geer Rd) to Oakdale, then CA-120.

    EDIT: I have asked a moderator to merge your question and my reply with your other thread. Board policy is we ask people to keep all questions about a single trip in one thread. Thank you!

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    Thank you for moving my post; hope to learn the rules. I will be going from Las Vegas to Groveland Sept. 22. I cannot stop for sightseeing as I have reservations and arrangements to meet family that day in Groveland. From what I have read, even if the miles are not too huge the driving will be much slower than expressway driving. From the comments above it sounds like I will not have time to linger; just breaks to stretch. Any other comments welcome.

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    I don't know the mileages involved, because we went from Death Valley to LA,but if it is at all possible for you to even drive through it, I would highly recommend it. For me, DV was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It is a brutal, other-wordly landscapce of such beauty and colour that one feels very disconnected from the rest of the world while there.

    If you only drive through it, you might still have time for brief photo stops at Badwater Basin, Artists Drive and the sand dunes. There is some mountain climbing involved when you exit the park. Even better still, if you can, leave Las Vegas a day early and stay the night in the park, giving yourself an easier drive the following day. It's a wonderful experience. (We stayed at the Ranch - expensive but worth every cent.)

    Have a great trip.

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    Thank you for the suggestions, Subman! I drove a Death Valley route on my way to L.A. about 35 years ago in a Honda Civic with no air conditioning. I recall the temperature said something like 122 degrees. One of my kids came down with chicken pox symptoms on that leg of the trip from Michigan. We did fine although we bought a large block of ice for my kids to take turns holding on their laps. We are now happily past those "little car" days and will be traveling in an Outback with great air conditioning.

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    Default Other necessity.

    Quote Originally Posted by JenniferW View Post
    will be traveling in an Outback with great air conditioning.
    And plenty of bottled water, hats and sunscreen. Essentials have changed somewhat in 35 years.



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