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    My husband and I will be taking a 6 week trip around the country on our motorcycles leaving the first week of September. We are starting in San Diego, CA. We will be taking the northern route through Montana then down through Wyoming and South Dakota, but we haven't figured out what we should see in between there and Virginia. We'll be staying in the DC area for a few days with family, then returning home to San Diego through the southern states. We plan to stop in New Orleans, but we will head northwest to Colorado when we get into Texas. We can go to Arizona whenever we want, so we're trying to avoid places that are easy to reach on a long weekend off work (Arizona, Vegas, Zion's in Southern Utah, Northern California, etc). We aren't interested in big cities as much as we are small towns, National Parks, historical places and just random cool stuff along the way. We're young and we have tons of energy, so we're ready for any idea of what to see. Feel free to mention anything you have seen or have heard about or even have wanted to check out yourself. We're all ears. Thanks!

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    Default It's all on maps.

    Here is a suggestion:

    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck
    Start with maps. Not GPS, not software, not Google, but real honest-to-god paper maps that show you your entire route, that you can mark up (and erase), that you can stick pins in, and that show something about the land you'll be driving through. Those are your essential tool in any RoadTrip planning process. Start by marking all the places you know you want to visit. Then connect the dots. Then look for more places of interest and scenic routes along the lines connecting the dots. Repeat until you've got as many sites and roads as you think you want.
    Good maps are available from AAA (free if you are a member), or in a Rand McNally road atlas, available in any big box store, stationer, or truck stop.


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    Default Great info to be found right here.

    Hello and welcome to RTA, your trip sounds quite an adventure !

    While driving through Colorado I would recommend riding US50 over Monarch pass, through Currecanti Nat Rec area to Black canyon and then to US550 and heading south through the lovely mountain towns of Ouray and Silverton on the section known as the 'Million dollar Highway'. You could ride the loop known as the 'San Juan Skyway' which includes Telluride and the Million dollar Highway and also takes you close to Mesa Verde NP. There are of course many other great roads and as well as good maps, this site is stacked full of ideas throughout. If you click on the 'How to use this site' in the green tool bar above it will lead you to some great planning tips and suggestions. I can't help with any suggestions to the east, but if you have any specific questions come up as you move forward with your planning, just ask away.

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