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    Default Missouri to Niagra Falls

    Would like to know best month to go, sites along the way

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    Default Unanswerable

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Such a drive could be made any time of year and, with enough time, could include hundreds to thousands of possible sites worth visiting. It is a basic belief around here that there is no 'best' route, no 'best' time of year to take a RoadTrip, and no 'best' list of 'must see' sites. Everything depends on what you want, ad you've told us nothing about that. In order to give you meaningful advice we'd need to know at least: What your concerns are about traveling at different times of year. How much time you'd have for the trip. Whether it is a one-way or round-trip. What your interests are. Who else will be traveling with you. And anything else that would affect what you would get out of your trip.


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    Default Seasonal.

    As well as all of the above, take into account that Niagara is closed for winter. You can still see the falls, but the tours and visitor centre are closed.


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    Good months to travel might be the "shoulder seasons", which are the weeks just before schools start to get out at the end of May, and after they have gone back in session in late Aug/early Sept. You'll have the advantage of good weather, less crowds.

    Before going to Niagara Falls, be aware also that you must have passports to see them from the Canadian side. Many folks declare that's the more dramatic side to see them, though of course that is subjective.

    Sites along the way -- do you have a paper map? If so, dig it out and see what's between you and the Falls that interests you. Most good paper maps will show you national parks, forests, historical places, state parks, and a few other things. Take a sticky-note or a pencil and circle those things that interest you. A route will soon form. That would be the BEST route, the best one for YOU.


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