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  1. Default Road trip from chicago to ? 11 days

    I Have 11 days to go anywhere. i don't mind driving( rental car has unlimited miles). i would like to take a 11 day trip with beautiful scenery i'm leaning towards the west coast. Yosemite park , grand canyon.

    Can anyone provide me some ideas to what route to take.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The "where should I go" is a question we see here frequently, but it's also one that no one can answer besides you. There isn't a chart or list where you can put in a starting point and a timeframe and find this is the best trip. Where you should go depends completely on what you are interested and what you want to do, and no one can know that better than you.

    What we can tell you is what you have to work with, and with 11 days, the west coast is really one of the only places in the US that is probably too far - unless you're willing to do a one way trip and fly back home ($$$$). California would be at least 4 days each way, which really doesn't leave much time to have fun and explore.

    The Grand Canyon could be reached within 3 days, which would give you a lot more time to have fun. There's also a ton of other places in that part of the country you could explore with numerous nearby National Parks in Utah and Colorado.

    But that puts the ball back in your court. Spend some time researching and brainstorming. Pull out a good map and just start looking at all of the possibilities in front of you, and start reading, be this forum, the other articles on this site, or any place else you think could provide inspiration.

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    Default Balance the driving time.

    Besides following Michaell's advice, I recommend you look at a trip which has 50% driving and 50% exploring. In 11 days that would mean a round trip of about 2500 miles. Within that distance you have a wealth of scenic and historical as well as fun and touristy attractions, in every direction. Good maps will show you most of these. The map wizard has many, as have the various threads on the forum.

    When are you taking this trip? You will need to put in a little time to do the research. Look each point of interest up on the internet, and decide what you think of it. Use internet mileage calculation, but ignore their driving times. They are pure fantasy.

    Good maps are invaluable when planning a trip, and essential when on the road. Don't be tempted to rely solely on your electronics.

    Sometimes just wandering around the highways and by ways I have come across the most amazing sites, which I had not researched nor heard of before. So keep your eyes open, even on a road which seems not worth exploring.


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    Well you can head out on I90 to Seattle. Drive down the coast to Medford Oregon then head I 80 back. That trip is 68 hours of driving. That's 8 days of driving. Being you have 11 days you can spend a day in Yellow Stone and still make a 1 hour sight seeing stop each day.

    If you have already gone this way and seen Yellow Stone. Then you can take I80 to Crescent City, CA. Then take the PCH down to Bodega Bay then head East to Yosemite. Then leave Yosemite taking US6 east till you connect to I80 East. 74 hours driving. You can do one loop one year then the other one next year.

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    Default Do you want to spend all your time driving?

    Quote Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
    That trip is 68 hours of driving. That's 8 days of driving.
    At 4644 miles that is eight days of 600 miles per day. 10 - 12 hours in the car day after day after day. On the interstates, it would not allow time for scenic routes.. It does not include any stops for sightseeing or other exploring or enjoyment. It will end up being a memorable trip, for all the wrong reasons.


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