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  1. Default Cali to Florida- Best driving days??

    I am making the drive from San Diego to Tampa. If I break it into 4 days, when is best to leave? Weekend or weekday cross-country driving faster across I-10?

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  2. Default Cali to Florida- Best driving days??

    Hello. Moving back to Florida (San Diego to Tampa) and will be making the drive across I-10. Is it faster to drive during weekdays or weekend? Hope to break it into 4 days. I'm driving solo and hate being stuck in lots of traffic. Thanks!!

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    At present I-10 is closed 50 miles west of the Arizona border indefinitely due to flash flooding taking out the bridge! Interstate 8 would be more of a straight shot anyways.


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    Default Problem.

    I-10 is closed at present as you can see in this thread. 4 days would be the absolute minimum in the best of circumstances, but you should add an extra day to help prevent fatigue setting in. Driving 600 miles plus on one day is totally different to repeating it day after day.

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    Default pushing it

    Being that you're starting in San Diego, the I-10 issue in CA shouldn't affect you, as you'll take I-8 to AZ.

    4 days is really pushing the envelope for safety for this trip, especially doing it solo. Your mandatory stopping points will have to be Deming, NM; San Antonio, TX; and Gulfport, MS. Even that requires a couple days of 650 miles on the road, which is going to be really more than we recommend for a trip like this. As has been said, if you have any delays at all, you're going to need to add another night. Weekend or Weekday isn't going to make a significant difference.

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    Default Difference between weekend and weekday: Rush Hour!

    If you use Michael's suggested stopping points for the day (Deming, San Antonio, Gulfport), I would stay on the eastern side of San Antonio if it's on a weekday. Deming and Gulfport rush hours won't be an issue, but San Antonio's could.

    Unless you're a normally late riser, get an early start every morning, take breaks every 2 hours just to walk around and clear your head - a good walk around a truck stop or rest area is good for that - then get in at a decent hour and enjoy a hotel's pool.

    I would definitely not go up to I-10 for any reason, even if that bridge had not collapsed the other day. It's out of the way! Get on I-8 and take that until it meets I-10 near Casa Grande, AZ. The intersection is very well marked.


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    Okay. Thank you very much everyone!! :)

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