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    Default 'Close' is not 'quite cheap'.

    Quote Originally Posted by kristianandmartina View Post
    We were looking for a quite cheap place to stay near Yosemite, can anyone recommend a hotel or a nice town?
    It seems like it's expensive to stay in the national park if you don't want to sleep in a tent.
    When you are talking about close to one of the most popular tourist attractions, at the height of the tourist season 'quite cheap' is not what you are going to find. The closer you get the more you pay. That is why so many choose to camp.


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    The tents in Curry Village are actually tent cabins with wooden frames, wooden doors, and raised wooden floors. They have beds, bedding, and an electric light.

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    Hi, we have booked the tickets now, and are now into the final planning and booking hotels.
    We will have one night in Flagstaff, and then drive to Grand Canyon next morning, and have a overnight there. What should we do there? We want to see the views points with the shuttelbuss. But what ells? Any ideas/experience.

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    From Flagstaff you can take US89 and enter through the east entry kiosk where your first stop and views will be from the Watchtower. This is the best way to enter the canyon as you follow the path of the Colorado river into the main canyon. There are many other viewpoints along Desertview drive as you make your way to the village area and then you can get the shuttle bus up to Hermits rest. There will be lots to see and time will fly by but it will all become apparent once there. You can take a mule ride or if you want to splash out, a helicopter ride over the canyon from Grand canyon airport in Tusayan, but you won't have to do any extras to have fun and be amazed.

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    Hi again, and thanks!
    I think we are going to sleep at a hotel in "Valle"? We can't find others, maybe someons has a suggestion to something nearby.

    Everything is full att from the 3th august and one night.
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    Have you searched the RTA 'Road trip Motels' link to the right of each page ? The Cameron Trading post is a pretty neat place to stay as well.

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