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    Default Nashville to New Orleans - recommendation

    I'm planning a road trip with my g/f in mid September, and I'm a bit stuck on what to do for Nashville to New Orleans.

    We're planning Nashville (2 day), Memphis (1 day) and New Orleans (3 days). It's mostly about picking the more interesting route. We're from the UK, but I've done plenty of driving in the USA previously - but we're new to this area. Also, is Memphis a must? I feel like we should visit, but I'm not a crazy Elvis fan and I've seen a few reviews that suggest it's skippable.

    The 2 options look to be either Blues Highway 61 or Natchez Trace.

    I've done some research, and they both sound appealing in their own ways. For us, the most important things are scenic driving, great food options and immersing ourselves in this part of America. We're not too bothered about seeing live shows. I like the music, but we're not obsessive about blues, jazz, or country. :)

    We'd also like to do a swamp trip. I've heard Lafayette mentioned as a good stop off for swamp trips, and it sounds like a nice place. But, it would be a bit of a detour.

    I'm assuming Memphis to New Orleans isn't that realistic in 1 day if you want to soak up the area. I was thinking one stop over, maybe 2 if we take in Lafayette.

    This was a great forum for information on my last trip out, so I'd really appreciate any help!


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    Your research is pretty spot on. The first thing I would have suggested for you as a scenic route from Nashville to New Orleans is the Natchez Trace Parkway. Besides being an incredible scenic drive (think of a combination of the best attributes of a motorway and a 'B' road), there is quite a bit of history to this road and it gets you into some otherwise harder to reach and seldom visited areas of the South. I encourage you to stop at each and every visitor centre/museum along it and to occasionally get off to visit and eat in some of the larger towns and smaller cities en route. Also, Natchez itself is worth exploring a little bit, especially some of the antebellum plantations if you want a sense of life in the early 19th century.

    As for swamp tours, you should probably have a look at the Creole Nature Trail which offers opportunities to view the swamps from your car, on foot, or from boats. You could add this little detour either between Natchez and New Orleans or from New Orleans itself.


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