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    Hi all,
    I'm new to this so forgive me if I'm not doing things correctly. I'm taking my daughter on some college visits in August. We're driving from the Minneapolis area to Denver and checking a few schools around there. Then driving from Denver to salt lake city, checking out Hanging Lake and Little Wild Horse Canyon along the way. After a school tour in salt lake we plan to head up to Bozeman. My biggest question is about that drive. I believe it's about 8 hours without stopping. If we leave salt lake around 1pm, Can anyone tell me what the last few hours of that drive might be like? What time will the sun set in August? Is it treacherous mountain driving? Will we be driving through the mountains in the dark? Will there be any major traffic delays on the west side of Yellowstone? Is that a reasonable drive? We don't have time to spend in Yellowstone, so I don't mind bypassing that. Just need to get from point a to point b for that leg. After the Bozeman school tour we'll head back to MN by way of the South Dakota attractions.
    Any advice on the above mentioned leg or anything else along the way would be much appreciated.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    I'd recommend you stay on I-15 to I-90 to get to Bozeman. This should be about a 9 hour drive and the Interstates would be a lot easier to drive after dark. I know it adds 80 miles but you will have better peace of mind.

    Do you have to spend the night in Bozeman? What about Butte instead?

    Sunset in August is around 8:30.

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    If you can't leave SLC until 1pm I would be looking at somewhere closer to spend the night. 10pm is going to be late for an evening meal and if you stop on route it will arrive even later you arrive. Not to mention 9 hours is close to a full days driving after running around SLC all morning.

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    Default Dillon, MT

    If you take I-15 all the way to I-90 at Butte, you'll have to pass through Homestake Pass on the east side of Butte. Not that it's a challenge--it's just a long hill, but it can be avoided by taking MT-41 north of Dillon to just beyond Twin Bridges, thence MT-55 to I-90 at Whitehall. It's all two-lane but is wide and level, following the Beaverhead River valley.

    Dillon is a decent little college/ranch town, too, and offers several chain motels and a nice supper from the acclaimed "La Fiesta Mexicana", also known as the Dillon Taco Bus.

    Just east of Whitehall, an early start from Dillon will bring you to the I-90/US 287 junction at Three Forks, where the Wheat, Montana store and fresh baked goods are a great breakfast stop just 30 miles from Bozeman.

    SLC to Bozeman with a late start is a slog. The sun won't be setting until fairly late in early August--still fairly light right up to 9pm or so, but you'll be somewhat after dark getting in to Bozeman under most any circumstances. I'll pull up short somewhere, and Dillon is where I'd do so.


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    And don't forget, you will have the sun in your eyes, on that stretch of I-90.


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