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    What would be great places to stop? We don't want to deviate too much from route, but would love to see things along the way.

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    Default Who? What? When? Where? Why?

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    Sorry, but you simply haven't given us enough information for us to give you any useful advice. We don't know who will be making the trip (what ages, how many); what your mode of travel is (car/RV. motels/camping, budget/splurge); when you'll be leaving or how much time you have for the trip; where you'll be leaving from or where you're going ('Michigan' and 'California' cover a lot of ground); or why you'll be making the trip (vacation, moving, pleasure, business) or anything about your interests. It is a truism often repeated here that there is no list of 'best' of even 'great' places to stop, only those that best serve your needs on the route you will be taking.


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    I would ask exactly the same questions as AZBuck asked: who's going, how long do you have to make the trip, what type of vehicle, etc. We don't have to have specifics, but a little more specific than you've given us.

    That said, I checked San Francisco to Detroit, 2400 miles, and then Los Angeles to Detroit, 2250 mi, San Diego to Detroit, 2300 miles, but the three included different routes. In any of those 3 cases, you need at least 4 days on the road to make the trip (and those days would be 550-600 mile days) before adding any sightseeing. If you add sightseeing, you add time, and perhaps mileage too. That's why we ask what we do.


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