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  1. Default First time family road trip- Providence, RI to Little Rock, AR

    Our family is planning to drive from Providence, RI to Little Rock,
    AR. We have two kids (12 & 7) and our Shih Tzu, Li'l Rhody, joining us on the trek.

    This is our first road trip and we're seeking advice. We're hoping to make it down in two days and will take our time on the way back to stop and enjoy sites. According to the map wizard it is 1408 miles each way.

    Please share your insight and wisdom on road travel through these parts, as well as recommendations for pet and kid friendly hotels, sites, and things to do. Also, any advice for keeping the kids happy on the road will be appreciated.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    There is absolutely no way you can make that drive in 2 days safely. That would have you on the road for close to 15 hours each day. Plan on 3 days and take your time, make frequent stops so you and the kids can get out of the car, and be off the road and in a hotel by dinnertime. That will be the best way to keep them happy.

    The first day, I wouldn't try to go past Harrisonburg VA, and the second day not past Nashville. This will get you into Little Rock sometime midday.

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    Welcome to the RTA forums! I will totally agree with glc: this is not a 2-day drive, it's more like 2-1/2 or 3.

    Hmmmm....planning how long you'll need to get to the places you're going. Beginners, unless you drive for a living, probably won't want to plan to drive more than 450-500 miles in one day. If you're going somewhere further than that, plan an overnight someplace along the way. Can't figure out mileage on the maps? Well, either do it the long way (use a calculator), or use a mapping program like Google Maps. You can get exact mileage. But do NOT use their “driving time” estimates. Plan on averaging 55 mph – 500 miles would be about 9 hours on the road, including food, fuel, bathroom, and stretch-your-legs stops.

    Tip: it's not conducive to a good vacation, to drive non-stop straight through to your destination, if your destination is more than 600 miles away. Two drivers does NOT help, because the passenger should be keeping the driver from drifting off, and they should change out every few hours. Three drivers may help, but in reality, you arrive so tired at your destination that you don't want to do anything for hours. I have had experience with this, and will never do it again.


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