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  1. Default Planning a round trip road trip from NYC to see Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone Park.

    We have 2 weeks to do this, a family of 4 with grown up children, all are licensed to drive. Taking a 2006 ML300. Wants to go to see Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone Park. Any suggestion of a route to take to see more places worth seeing, economical hotels and highways with service areas. Parents are taking medications and need to go to bathroom often.

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    First, it's 2300 miles from NYC to Yellowstone. Even with 4 drivers, that's going to be at least a 5 day drive without the stop at Mt Rushmore. Then return, so there goes 10 of your days. A day at Mt Rushmore and the area, and 3 days at Yellowstone, and there's your 14 days. Does your two weeks include the extra weekend before? (For my Son-I-L, he had 16 days for his trip because of that.) It would really help.

    Your best bet, with folks on meds, is to stick to the interstates unless you have to get on the US or state highways. The interstates (thinking 80 then 90 here) have rest areas periodically and usually a number of truck stops with clean facilities, plus the economical hotels you are mentioning. Along 90, you could swing through Badlands Natl Park just before you turn south at Rapid City for Mt Rushmore. Then there's Little Big Horn National Battlefield, near the junction of I-94 and I-90, just off the highway about 1/2 mile. If you take US-212 from Red Lodge, MT into Yellowstone, you'll have a gorgeous drive along the Beartooth Highway, though I will warn you that it's not exactly rest-area-haven.

    BTW, you should be getting your reservations for Yellowstone area, NOW, if not a half a year ago. For "economical", you will be paying about $120-150/night at the least expensive places in West Yellowstone, MT. In the park starts at $200/night. For one room. You could try either the Evergreen Motel or the One Horse Motel in West Yellowstone, they are about the least expensive. I wouldn't even think about staying in Jackson, it's too far from Yellowstone and even the Motel 6 starts at $189/night.


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    Wow, very grateful for your timely response. What road trips will you suggest will be wholesome utilizing 2 weeks and reaching Mt. Rushmore. Any route to take to get to see more cities and at the same time less inconvenience to parents. Haven't been to these places yet. We manage 2 weeks from NYC to Virginia then to Atlanta,Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi to Houston,Texas then Louisiana to New Orleans to Florida, stayed there for 3 days the longest stay we did in each of the places we went to. Then on the way back took the I 95 N, stayed overnight at the Carolinas and proceeded back to NY passing by Washington,DC. It's a road trip like this we are looking for. I don't know how safe and convenient a road trip to see Mt. Rushmore is. Any suggestions?

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    Default Close to home.

    Are you actually working with good paper maps? Good quality paper maps, or a road atlas will show you all there is to see in a given area - natural, historical as well as touristy and more. They will show the scenic routes and every town both large and small along the way. They also show every road, so you can choose from all the options. Examples of good maps/road atlas are those produced by AAA and Rand McNally. You will not see that detail withing the confines of a little screen.

    Why not get hold of some decent maps and sit down with the six of you to choose an area. There is so much in NY itself, in the west from Niagara to PA (as well as northern PA) and also along Lake Erie all the way north. ; Then there are the mountains and the coast of ME. You could easily spend a fortnight in that whole area and not see it all. Neither do you mention the Smokey Mtns and the BRP. Have you spent a fortnight in that area?

    From NYC there is really no need to spend days on end in a car, to have a great holiday. There is so much natural attraction in that part of the country, endless historical attractions, as well as a long list of commercial attractions.


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