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    Default West coast RV trip

    Thanks for all of that. We are going on a similar route but doing it in an RV at the strat of August. We are a bit nervous about where we can stop and park- it is only a 25 footer but it is the first time for us.

    The route is SF 1 night
    Crane Flats Yosemite 3 nights
    Winona Yosemite 1 night
    Lodgepole sequoia 2 nights
    Furnace Creek death valley 2 nights
    Las vegas 1 night

    All tips on where to stop along the way and entertain a 9 year old and 11 year old , greatly appreciated. happy to share London knowledge

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    Default Death valley. August. PHEW !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I have moved your post to it's own dedicated road trip thread so it's easier to follow.

    The first thing that stands out to me is your 2 nights pplanned in Death valley. To start with, I doubt very much that your rental agreement would allow you, and if it did there would be a clause that would make you responsible for any damage or breakdown costs if they occured. Secondly, it will be very very hot !

    When you say "Nervous about where we can stop and park", I am not sure whether you mean during the day or for the night ? You need to be in designated campgrounds which hopefully you have already booked in Yosemite and Sequoia ? If not you need to check for availability urgently, but it's possibly too late already and you would need to look at other options. One of the 3 'Pines' campgrounds in the heart of Yosemite valley are ina great location in the heart of the park. While there you can use the free shuttle buses to get around to the various trailheads and viewpoints so no real problems with parking, although a lot of places have parking spaces alloted to RV's. You can also rent bikes in the valley.

    So if you decide not to spend 2 nights in DV, it leaves you a little time to play with and a trip out to the Grand canyon NP would make a good option.

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    Thanks a lot that is very useful. You were correct and we are not allowed to take the RV into DV.
    We are going to spend the two nights around lake Isabella.

    With regards to stopping the RV I was referring to , stopping along the main roads at restaurants and shopping malls.

    Finally. As we will be in Sequoia park ( close the Redwood monument ) I notice a road that goes through the park that would come out at Lake Isabella. Can you drive an RV down this road that looks a bit mountainous ? It is the Kern river highway

    Once again thanks for the earlier reply

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    Are you referring to Sequoia National Park or Giant Sequoia National Monument? The Kern River Highway from Lake Isabella up to the Sherman Pass Road and the GSNM is a good road, but the roads north and west of there are pretty rough for a RV. To get from the NP to the GSNM, you have to go via Three Rivers and state highways, there's no direct connection between them.

    What you can do is take CA-198 through Three Rivers to CA-65, take that south to CA-155. Take that east to Wofford Heights and Lake Isabella. CA-155 is slow going, but possible in a RV.

    Please note the length restrictions in the NP:

    Vehicles Entering/Exiting Sequoia National Park via Generals Highway (the Main Road through the Parks) and Hwy 198:

    Vehicles longer than the recommendations listed below will likely cross the double yellow line. Drivers will be held responsible for any hazardous conditions caused by their actions. Follow the recommendations below for your safety and the safety of others:

    Vehicles longer than 22 feet (6.7056 meters) are not advised between Potwisha Campground and the Giant Forest Museum in Sequoia National Park.
    Vehicles longer than 24 feet (7.3152 meters) are not advised between the Foothills Visitor Center and Potwisha Campground in Sequoia National Park.

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    Parking the RV isn't a big problem, but it may take a little longer to find a spot big enough which isn't usually a problem around shopping Malls with outside parking.

    The route up the Kern river highway through Sequoia National monument is doable in an RV but is a bit of a work out in places. We travelled the following route in a 30ft RV without problems, but it was slow going. From Kernville head north to Johnsondale and then turn right onto the Great western divide highway [107] just west of Johnsondale. You will find the Trail of 100 giants not long after turning onto the road. Continue through Camp Nelson on 190 to Springville and then 28 to Strathmore, the past all the Lemon/Orange groves to Exeter and 198 to Three rivers. You should be fine going through the south entrance onto the Generals highway that has a 22ft recommended limit, but check the website as road construction can change things. Again, it is slow and twisty and narrow in places but doable with caution.

    You can see some of that route here by scrolling down.

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