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  1. Default Columbus to Walla Walla in 10 days.

    Hi! A friend and I are planning a road trip from Columbus, Ohio to Walla Walla, WA in Aug. We've given ourselves approx 10 days to get out there (we will be flying back). Is that enough time if we plan on little stops here and there? I know we want to stop around Mt. Rushmore and plan on a day or two in Yellowstone. We don't have a route set in stone yet as we would first like to get an idea if this is even feasible in the time frame set. Any recommendations on routes would be greatly appreciated as well. Other than the two spots mentioned we are pretty open. Thanks!

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    Default More than Enough

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    Ten days is roughly twice what you'd need to make the drive from Columbus to Walla Walla. So even with spending some time at Mount Rushmore and a couple of days in Yellowstone, you would still have a few days for a few other detours and stops. You should get out some good paper maps and have a look at what's on your way but a few spots definitely worth considering would be some of the many sites around Rapid City, Little Bighorn Battlefield, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Bruneau Canyon, and the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.


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    Great! Now that I know it's enough time to get out there, we can make a more concrete plan. Thanks for the tips! I'm sure I'll be back for more advice once we know our route.

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    A word of caution, have you priced out the rental car costs? One way fees are typically quite expensive, and can make doing a one-way trip like this pretty cost-prohibitive.

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    Check out the Whitman Mission National Historic Site, near Walla Walla. It's part of the Oregon Trail legacy.


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    Thank you for the responses! Midwest Michael, we actually got lucky in terms of car rental. My company offers a great discount that negated the one way fee. We have decided to completely revamp our route. We've always wanted to drive route 66, so figured why not now? I know it's a longer route, but more along the lines of what we are looking for in a road trip. Here is what we were thinking:
    Day1: Columbus to St. Louis
    -mainly just visiting the Arch. Could drive a little further
    Day 2: St. Louis to Tulsa
    -Grand Falls, totem pole park, blue whale, Rock Creek Bridge
    Day 3: Tulsa to Amarillo
    - Texola ghost town, Jericho gap, leaning water tower, Cadillac ranch
    Day 4: Amarillo to Holbrook, AZ
    - Blue hole, nob hill (Albuquerque), Land of fire and ice.
    Day 5: Holbrook to Barstow, CA
    - "here it is" jack rabbit, meteor crater, twin arrows, Giganticus headicus, iron mtn road pole
    Day 6: Barstow to San Francisco (by way of PCH)
    -McWay creek waterfall
    Day 7: San Fran for most of the day then head up to Eureka, CA
    Day 8: Eureka to Newport, Or
    -World's largest totem pole, Cape Perpetua lookout
    Day 9: Newport to Astoria to Seattle
    - Haystack rock, Goonies house
    Day 10: Seattle to Walla Walla
    Day 11: walla walla
    Day 12: Walla walla to Portland
    Day 13: fly home from Portland

    I know we are bypassing big landmarks like Vegas and the Grand Canyon, but we are on a time crunch to make it to Walla walla by Day 10 afternoon. We are looking more for quirky side road attractions or eateries at this point. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Not that much time for sightseeing now.

    Although I have never really looked for them, there are 'quirky side road attractions' all along a route - which really no longer exists. You can't miss them. Some are marked on good maps, (which you should have in your car along the way) others are signposted. I have met people who were surprised with just how much they had found of Rte 66 memorabilia along the way.

    Not that you are going to have all that much time to make too many detours. The trip will take at least 9 days of driving. Don't forget that the PCH between Barstow and SF will take you the best part of two days to drive. More if you would like to stop at some (or most) of the great scenic view points - including the sea lions.


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    Default Stumbling in California

    I think you've done a real nice job of planning this trip - for the most part. Most of the time, you've got a solid pace, that will leave you a nice amount of time to see the attractions you've found so far - and even a few more you'll likely discover along the way.

    You start to run into a few problems in California, however.

    Holbrook to Barstow is one of your longest days on the road, and yet, that section really has the longest section of preserved Route 66. You might want to give yourself more time there. Are you planning to visit Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, either before or after Holbrook?

    Barstow to SF is your single biggest problem - it's not really possible to do in one day if you're going to follow the coast. You really need to be at the coast - somewhere around Cambria, Morro Bay, or Paso Robles - if you want to make it to SF in one day along the coast.

    Similarly, SF to Eureka is really more than a one day drive, if you're going to follow the coast (CA-1). If you stick to US-101, you can make the drive in about 6 hours, but that also doesn't really give you time to spend "most of the day" in San Francisco before you leave.

    I suspect you're overestimating how fast you can travel up the coast. Newport to Seattle is doable, but that's also a long day on the road, where you won't get into Seattle until pretty late - and won't really leave you any time in the city, if you need to be in Walla Walla the next afternoon. Many sections of the PCH you'll be looking at average speeds of under 40 mph.

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    Wow, I would say I definitely underestimated our CA leg. I'm currently reworking the first couple of days, so maybe we drive an hour or two longer. It will still be tight, but might make CA easier as we do want to stop along some spots on the PCH. Thank you all for your insight!

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