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    Default Great Lakes Trip Statistics

    A few statistics from our Great Lakes trip:
    -The trip lasted 29 days, covered 7,165 miles through 13 states, for an average of 247 miles. I was surprised by our daily miles.
    -I found 110 letterboxes, planted 3 new ones and attended a Letterboxing gathering.
    -We saw 4 of Peter Wolf Toth's Whispering Giant creations.
    -We saw all the license plates of the USA, except Rhode Island, Delaware and Hawaii.
    -Completed 8 activities towards QuestScouts activity badges
    -Visited 23 National Park Service sites, plus USFS and BLM sites and Historic Trails.
    -Completed 1 Junior Ranger program

    This trip was a bit different. While in Kansas my husband became ill and was hospitalized for 4 days. The care he received at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center was excellent. After discharge he had no further problems on the trip. How this affected our budget is it added at least 4 motel nights to our expenses. The Econo Lodge in Hutchinson worked with me and provided an excellent rate. We prefer to camp and besides the time in Kansas we spent more nights in motels, mainly because of hot and humid weather and at least one other night due to a strong storm. Considering the weather going through the MidWest right now, we did OK concerning the overall weather. Another cost factor is there were less federal campgrounds for us to use, with my husband's Golden Age pass we pay half the fee. This helped our expenses on our Spring trip in California where many more federal campsites are available.

    Lodging - 29%. Previous three trips were at 18%
    Meals - 33%
    Gas- 37%
    Misc - 1% (ice, showers)

    Our average daily cost was $92.54, as compared to $71.03 for our Spring trip through California. Our meal cost is probably an area that could be reduced, but we chose to enjoy meals along the way. I calculated that we prepared 50% of our meals.
    Gas prices ranged from $2.39 in Tucson to $2.77 in Muskegon, MI, with an approximate average of $2.65.

    Saw some amazing animals along the way, some birds we had never seen before. We often have to look up facts and confirm identification, as well as correct names. Keeping the list is something we enjoy and keeps us learning.

    Flowers seen along the way

    I hope something I reported along the way will be a help to your plans.
    Happy Trails!
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    Default Thanks for the tally


    We always find these kinds of reports helpful. Thanks for keeping track of the expenses and your explanations.


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