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    Default 3 Month road trip - LA to New York & back again

    Hello everyone!

    My partner and I are planning to sell up and ship out for a year. We have 18 months of planning and saving ahead of us. We are doing 3 months in America, 3 months in Canada and 6 months in Europe then back home again to Australia.

    Our first leg of the trip is going to be to the USA!

    We are looking to hire a campervan and do a great American road trip from LA to New York and back again.

    Our plan is:
    LA, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Durango via Monument Valley, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Dallas, Memphis, New Orleans, Panama City Beach, Orlando, Miami, Daytona Beach via Kennedy Space Centre, St.Augustine, Savannah, Raleigh via Charleston, Washington D.C, New York, Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Madison, Sioux Falls, Mt.Rushmore, Cody (Yellowstone), Jackson Hole, Park City, Las Vegas, Napa Valley?, Santa Barbara, San Franciso back to LA.

    We are very overwhelmed by all the information and currently trying to nut out the trip.

    Firstly, we have 3 months... Is that enough time to get to all the places listed and see lots of sights along the way? We can apply for a 6 month travel visa and extend the trip if people feel that would be more beneficial.

    I've estimated roughly 11,000 miles of travel? Would I be correct in saying that?

    Has anyone done a similar trip to this? What was your expenditures like? How much should we budget?

    Do the national parks in the USA have showers etc?

    What are good resources to have with us? We are thinking about purchasing a GPS once we get there or should we just use road maps?

    Any advice is very much recommended! And we appreciate the time you put in helping us!

    Have a good one,
    Mercedes & Dylan

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    Default Canada comes before US.

    Hi Mercedes, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    The first thing which jumps out at me is a huge flaw in your plan. You will have to spend your first three months in Canada, if you do not have a visa to enter the USA. Using the normal Visa Waiver program, you may stay in the US for 90 days, but on entering the US you have to have a ticket leaving the North American continent within 90 days. You cannot spend three months in the US and then go to Canada. It must be done the other way around. You cannot even transit through the US on your way to Canada, as the moment you do you will be deemed to have entered the US, and your 90 days start, including any time you spend in Canada.

    Considering it takes 5 - 6 days to travel from LA to NY, three months will give you times to explore a lot, but you will have to pick and choose. Having spent more than three years in North America over the last decade or so, and covered almost 200000 miles, I have a long list of places I still want to see. Just be sure you make the most of your time, and on your return, start saving for your next trip.

    You also need to get some good maps of the US. I like the NGS wall map for all the detail it shows, from Mapworld in Perth, though you may be able to get the large wall size map in Brisbane. It usually comes laminated. I would also suggest that if you do not have any detailed maps that you order a Rand McNally road atlas from the RTA store at the bottom of this page. You will have it in a couple of weeks.

    A gps (quite cheap to buy) is useful for finding hotel addresses etc., but should not be used as your navigational tool on the road. For that you need good detailed maps, such as the atlas mentioned above, or individual maps from AAA (American Automobile Association). Many of us travel with multiple maps. If you are a member of RACQ, be sure to bring your membership with you. It will give you access to free maps and tourism information from the AAA anywhere in the US, and CAA in Canada, and I believe in Britain and from some continental country's automobile associations..

    I have not tackled the route, especially since this trip is a long way off, and it will no doubt take many different forms between now and when you finally take it. Once you have the atlas you may see more/other attractions which interest you.


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    I am an Aussie too.

    Great minds think alike! We are actually doing a very similar trip on Sept-November next year. Only LA to Miami though (although you have nearly all the stops we are taking!)

    We are going north into Utah from the Grand Canyon and then across through the Rockies to Colorado Springs, then back down to Amarillo and down into Texas.

    We are hiring an Escape Camper in LA and dropping it back in Miami. I don't know if they have a depot in New York, but might be worth a look. It is a van, not and RV - so we can park and camp in a lot more places and drive in the cities easier too.

    Who knows, we might see you in our travels :)

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    Hi Aussiechick, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Your trip too sounds exciting. If you check through the forums there will be more Aussies on the road roundabout that time. Are you planning with good detailed maps? You don't say in which State you live, but the automobile association in your State also has a reciprocal arrangement with the AAA. A good source for maps on the road, but you can't beat having maps during the planning stages, as so many of the attractions and scenic routes are shown on maps.

    I would love to read more about your trip, and invite you to write us a trip report for our special forum. You may even find more sugg3estions for your trip from those who have left reports in the Roadtrip Field Report Forum.

    If you would like any suggestions for any part of your trip, feel free to start your own thread.


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