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  1. Default Trip from wisocnsin to Oregon for Medicinal card

    Hello, im planning a trip from wisconsin to oregon to get my medicinal marijuana card, i was hoping to pick up a few people along the way to help alleviate costs, i have chronic back pain and its by my understanding that its legal here in wisconsin if you have a physicians recommendation and a prescription, im just gauging interest right now, i figure well all set up doctors appointments for the same day spend a day or two getting everything in order then head back to our homes, the oregon medical card is good in michigan too so if youve been planning on moving there or another qualifying state for medical marijuana but dont want to break the law while becoming a resident to get the card in that state then going to oregons a good bet

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I can tell you with absolute certainty that medical marijuana is 100% illegal in Wisconsin, and an Oregon card doesn't change that. Also, because Federal Law still prohibits Marijuana use, any pot you purchase in Oregon can't legally be taken out of the state.

    The only states that might accept Oregon's card are states that also have laws allowing it's use - so if you're hoping to use in Michigan, you'd be much better off studying up on Michigan's laws, rather than driving across the country. If you have chronic back pain that is so bad you need medical marijuana, I can't imagine you could possibly enjoy being in a car for the 8 days you'd need to drive to Oregon and back to Wisconsin. Obviously, you can't be on any drugs, including prescription pain killers, while doing such a trip.

    In any case, I have moved your post to the share the gas section, to make it more likely that others you might want to join you can see your post, in case you do decide to move forward with your plan.

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    Unfortunately, Oregon will not allow non-residents of the state to get a medical marijuana card. The only two that do this are Arizona and Maine, whose cards are both valid for two years. Michigan and Minnesota will accept cards from other states when you need easy access.

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    Midwest Michael is absolutely WRONG!!! Considering I just got back yesterday from Portland and received my card. It has been LEGAL to use medical cannabis in Wisconsin since 1977 with a valid order of a practitioner/doctor.

    Wisconsin State Statute for Possession Authorisation -


    - (c) An ultimate user or a person in possession of any controlled substance pursuant to a lawful order of a practitioner or in lawful possession of a schedule V substance.



    - Possession. No person may possess or attempt to possess a controlled substance or a controlled substance analog unless the person obtains the substance or the analog directly from, or pursuant to a valid prescription or order of, a practitioner who is acting in the course of his or her professional practice, or unless the person is otherwise authorized by this chapter to possess the substance or the analog. Any person who violates this subsection is subject to the following penalties:

    This is how it breaks down:

    1. You must have a debilitating illness.
    2. You must have a doctor from WISCONSIN that is willing to recommend it.
    3. You must obtain a OREGON medical cannabis card.

    Flaws- You can legally use it or have it on you, but there is no legal means to obtain it in Wisconsin. Which means if you are searched, and they ask where you got it, they will end up taking it because there's no way to prove that you obtained it through a legal source. The only plus is that you will not be charged.

    Michigan- You absolutely CAN use the Michigan dispensaries. I'm a WI NORML member, and I can tell you from the countless people who have done it. I however would not recommend taking anything back from Michigan to Wisconsin. Even though you can legally use it in both states, it's still a federal crime to transport it across state lines.

    Good luck man! Look into WI NORML FB page for any more info you may need!

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    Yes it is absolutely LEGAL to use medical cannabis in Wisconsin with the valid recommendation and following of state statutes 961.32(2)(c) & 961.41(3g). You cannot transport any medical marijuana across state lines regardless of medical legality though. Bringing cannabis across any state line is a federal offence.

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    Default From experience.

    Hi Lucas, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Thank you for jumping in with your knowledge and experience. It is always good to hear from those who have actually 'been there, done that'.


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