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    Default Advice required for road trip from Irving, Texas to Sunnyvale, California

    I am working here in Irving, Texas and need to relocate to Sunnyvale, California. I have a new Honda Civic 2015 LX (hardly 1000 miles) and will be the only driver. Considering that I have never embarked on anything on this scale before, I am a little scared to make this ~1700 mile journey.

    I will be the only one driving.
    The car trunk will be full with luggage.
    Planning to start on the 17th July weekend.

    Seeking advice from the generous folks on this forum.

    Many thanks,

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    Welcome to RTA!

    By the shortest route, it IS about 1700 miles from Irving to Sunnyvale. That shortest route would be to use US-287 up to I-40 heading west. When I-40 runs out in Barstow, CA, use CA-58 west to get to I-5 north.

    As a newbie to long distance trips, you might want to drive between 450 and 500 miles per day, meaning a minimum of 3 overnight stops. Your first stop could be in Tucumcari, NM, which has a lot of motels. The next stop could be in Holbrook, AZ, or you could go a bit further into Flagstaff. Last stop could be Tehachapi or Bakersfield, CA, and then head on up to Sunnyvale.

    Definitely get some paper maps for this trip, using your electronics only to find specific addresses. A good road atlas will also do. You can find free state maps as you enter each state and find the visitor information center. Also, if a budget is important, you can find coupon books with motel and hotel coupons inside it. Be aware that these usually work for the first 10% of the folks that check into a motel that night, and often aren't good on weekends (Fri-Sat nights). So it pays to get on the road early and pull off early, getting a good night's rest. My husband and I always like to find a motel with a pool or a jacuzzi available, as it's very relaxing after a day on the road.


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    Breathe. It really can be done without too much stress.

    1. Every 45-90 minutes get out and stretch.
    I do this with planned stops. Either to get gas or at a rest stop. A small museum or roadside attraction. Something that gets me out of the car for about 10 min with a bit of walking around.

    2. Do stay hydrated. It is a tendency to think that limiting your fluid intake is better. It is not. The desert and your AC will dehydrate you. Can lead to fuzzy thinking. Also, makes you need to do frequent stops.... see #1.

    3. Trust yourself. If you do not feel safe, do not stop/ or move away from the area.
    My pants do not tend to have deep pockets, so when using a rest stop, I attach my keys to the neckline of my blouse. First, means they won't get soiled. Second, they are in a place that means I have fast access to them and can push the panic button if need be (I never have had the need to do it).

    4. Make use your keys are close to your hand when you sleep... if someone is trying to open your room door, then you can push the panic button to scare them away. And yes, I do position my car to be outside of the window of the room. And again, I have never needed to do this, but I am prepared.

    Breathe. You may learn that you love roadtripping and will have to do it frequently.

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